Call Number (LC) Title Results
MT58 .C38 2009eb Musical form, forms & formenlehre : three methodological reflections / 1
MT58 .C65 Musical form and musical performance 1
MT58 .D36 1966 Musical structure and design. 1
MT58 .E67 Beyond Orpheus : studies in musical structure / 1
MT58 .G58 1970 The homophonic forms of musical composition; an exhaustive treatise on the structure and development of musical forms from the simple phrase to the song-form with trio. 1
MT58 .G59 1970 Lessons in music form; a manual of analysis of all the structural factors and designs employed in musical composition. 1
MT58 .G75 Form in tonal music : an introduction to analysis 1
MT58 .K74 Musical form : studies in analysis and synthesis / 1
MT58 .M1 Form in music with special reference to the designs of instrumental music. 1
MT58 .N23 Form in music : process and procedure / 1
MT58 .N454 1962 Forms in instrumental music. 1
MT58 .R4 1973 Einführung in die musikalische Formenlehre : Über Formprinzipien in den Inventionen u. Fugen J. S. Bachs u. ihre Bedeutung f. die Kompositionstechnik Beethovens. [Mit Noten.]. 1
MT 58 .S63 P7 1994 A practical approach to the study of form in music / 1
MT58 .T95 1977 Musical form / 1
MT58 .W7 The appreciation of music; ten talks on musical form, 1
MT59.B21 T71 A companion to 'The art of fugue' (Die kunst der fuge) [of] J. S. Bach, 1
MT59.N4 N454 1964 The fugue. 1
MT59 .P87 1969b Fugue. 1
MT59 .R27 1995 Analyzing fugue : a Schenkerian approach / 1
MT59 .R48 Helps to fugue writing, based on Bach's "Das wohltemperirte klavier" 1