Call Number (LC) Title Results
NK3600 .S8 1895 Alphabets, a handbook of lettering with historical, critical & practical descriptions, 1
NK3600 .W55 The history of the art of writing ... 1
NK3605 .V53 1928 A picture book of Roman alphabets. 1
NK3610 .K46 1999 Animating the letter : the figurative embodiment of writing from late antiquity to the Renaissance / 1
NK3620 .B3 Lettering art in modern use. 1
NK3620 .F82 The essentials of lettering; a manual for students and designers, 1
NK 3620 + H7 1937 Lettering of to-day. 1
NK 3620 + S96 The art of lettering <with ninety-six full page plates> 1
NK3620 .W68 The art of hand-lettering, its mastery & practice. 1
NK3625 .A46 Alphabet thesaurus: a treasury of letter designs. 1
NK3630 + C6 1955 101 ornamental alphabets, collected, and with notes, 1
NK3630 .D42 Lettering, a series of 240 plates illustrating modes of writing in western Europe from antiquity to the end of the 18th century, 1
NK3630 .G5 Pictorial calligraphy and ornamentation; 1
NK3630 .L4 Lettering for advertising. 1
NK3631.B4 A43 1969 A' dilettanti delle bell'arti; a decorated alphabet engraved by Giovanni Battista Betti, Florence, 1785. 1
NK3631.B78 T46 1929 Andres Brun, calligrapher of Saragossa : some account of his life and work / 1
NK3633.A2 L56 2005 Splendours of Qur'an calligraphy and illumination / 1
NK3633.A2 M3613 2001 Arabic script : styles, variants, and calligraphic adaptations / 1
NK3633.A2 S33 Islamic calligraphy. [Institute of Religious Iconography, State University Groningen] 1
NK3633.5 S286 2014 Shodo : the Quiet Art of Japanese Zen Calligraphy. 1