Call Number (LC) Title Results
P40.5.L382 B418 1993eb Mixing two languages : French-Dutch contact in a comparative perspective / 1
P40.5.L382 B424 2018 Tropical tongues : language ideologies, endangerment, and minority languages in Belize / 1
P40.5.L382 E773 2016 El español en contacto con las otras lenguas peninsulares / 1
P40.5.L382 E856 2002eb Language contact at the Romance-Germanic language border / 1
P40.5.L382 F557 1987 Language contact in a plantation environment : a sociolinguistic history of Fiji / 1
P40.5.L382 F73 2021 Language formation by adults : the case of Sino-Russian idiolects / 1
P40.5.L382 .H363 2021 Easy Language in Europe 1
P40.5.L382 M44 2022 Migration, mobility and language contact in and around the ancient Mediterranean / 1
P40.5.L382 P163 2007eb Consequences of contact : language ideologies and sociocultural transformations in Pacific societies / 1
P40.5.L382 S655 2021 Language contact in the territory of the former Soviet Union / 1
P40.5 .L54 Linguistic Justice for Europe and for the World. 1
P40.5.L54 Acquiring sociolinguistic variation /
Language contact and change in the Americas : studies in honor of Marianne Mithun /
Sintaxis histórica del español y cambio lingüístico : nuevas perspectivas desde las tradiciones discursivas /
Lost in change : causes and processes in the loss of grammatical elements and constructions /
P40.5.L54 .C648 1988 Loan Phonology and the Two Transfer Types in Language Contact 1
P40.5.L54 C877 2009 Current trends in diachronic semantics and pragmatics / 1
P40.5.L54 L67 2021 Lost in change : causes and processes in the loss of grammatical elements and constructions / 1
P40.5.L54 M489 2014 Mediatization and Sociolinguistic Change. 1
P40.5.L54 N49 2014eb New perspectives on lexical borrowing : onomasiological, methodological and phraseological innovations / 1
P40.5.L54 S63 2021 Sociolinguistic variation and language acquisition across the lifespan / 1
P40.5.L54 S7 1992eb Status change of languages / 1
P40.5.L542 C46 2016 Language Change in Central Asia. 1