Call Number (LC) Title Results
PA2077 .P82 The English accidence, 1646. 1
PA2077 .T86 The true method of learning the Latin tongue by the English, 1696. 1
PA2077 .W31 Methodi practicae specimen, 1660. 1
PA2077 .W38 A short introduction to grammar, 1632. 1
PA2077 .W73 Vestibulum linguae Latinae, 1651. 1
PA2079 .R6 A grammar of the Latin language from Plautus to Sietonius; 1
PA2080 Formal Linguistics and the Teaching of Latin : Theoretical and Applied Perspectives in Comparative Grammar. 1
PA2080 .I5 1981eb Latin Linguistics and Linguistic Theory : Proceedings of the 1st International Colloquium on Latin Linguistics, Amsterdam, April 1981 / 1
PA2080 .I5 1991 Linguistic Studies on Latin : Selected papers from the 6th International Colloquium on Latin Linguistics (Budapest, 23-27 March 1991). 1
PA2080 .J64 1988 Traditio : an introduction to the Latin language and its influence / 1
PA2080 .S9 1957 Latin, a structural approach. 1
PA2083 .L73 1524 De emendata structura Latini sermonis libri sex, 1524. 1
PA2083 .L73r Rudimenta grammatices (1523?). 1
PA2083 .R88 A comfortable ayde for scholers, 1568. 1
PA2083 .S55 A short introduction to the Latin tongue, 1709. 1
PA2083 .W34 Grammar made easy, 1704. 1
PA2084 .C5 An introduction to the making of Latin : comprising, after an easy, compendious method, the substance of the Latin syntax, with proper English examples, most of them translations from the classick authors, in one column, and the Latin words in another : to which is subjoined, in the same method, A succinct account of the affairs of ancient Greece and Rome, intended at once to bring boys acquainted with history, and the idiom of the Latin tongue : with rules for the gender of nouns / 1
PA2084 .C5 1798 An introduction to the making of Latin : comprising, after an easy and compendious method, the substance of Latin syntax ... / 1
PA2084 .C59 An introduction to the making of Latin, 1721. 1