Call Number (LC) Title Results
PA3319 .A4 1932 Select papyri, 1
PA3323 +G92 Un livre d'écolier du IIIe siècle avant J.-C., 1
PA3335 +E3 Specimina codicvm Latinorvm Vaticanorvm. 1
PA3339.A67 2008 PA3339 Praising the Goddess : a Comparative and Annotated Re-Edition of Six Demotic Hymns and Praises Addressed to Isis. 1
PA3339 .I61 1958 Proceedings of the IX International Congress of Papyrology, Oslo, 19th-22nd August, 1958 / 1
PA3339 +Z45 Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik. 1
PA3341 .B679 2020 De Herodoti Reliquiis in Papyris et Membranis Aegyptiis Servatis 1
PA3341 .P337 1959 Nomina Sacra in the Greek Papyri of the First 5 Centuries A. D. The Sources and Some Deductions. 1
PA3341 .T8 Greek papyri : an introduction / 1
PA3343 .K37 The palaeography of Greek papyri, 1
PA3343 .K73 2011eb Von der Papyrologie zur Romanistik / 1
PA3367 .M47 Grammatik der griechischen papyri aus der Ptolemäerzeit, mit einschluss der gleichzeitigen ostraka und der in Ägypten verfassten inschriften. 1
PA3371 Ostraka from Trimithis. Greek texts from the 2008-2013 seasons / 1
PA3371 .B384 2012 Amheida I : Ostraka from Trimithis, Volume 1. 1
PA3371 PA3371.A1 2008 Greek Ostraca from Abu Mina. 1
PA3401 1809 Selecta ex optimis graecis auctoribus : ad usum scholarum Societatis Jesu. 1
PA3402 .A3 1897 Anthologia lyrica sive Lyricorum grae corum veterum praeter Pindarum reliquiae potiores / 1
PA3402 .A3 1908 Index to the fragments of the Greek elegiac and iambic poets as contained in the Hiller-Crusius edition of Bergk's Anthologia lyrica, 1
PA3402 .M64 Literature from Greek and Roman antiquity 1
PA3403 .M8 1895 Musici scriptores Graeci. Aristoteles, Euclides, Nicomachus, Bacchius, Gaudentius, Alypius, et melodiarum veterum quidquid exstat. 1