Call Number (LC) Title Results
PA4004 .K58 Die Funktion der Orakel im Werke Herodots. 1
PA4004 .L3 Herodotean narrative and discourse / 1
PA4004 .M32 Herodot; eine Auswahl aus der neueren Forschung. 1
PA4004 .M98 2012eb Myth, truth, and narrative in Herodotus / 1
PA4004 .M99 Herodotus, father of history. 1
PA4004 .P35 2019 Herodotus and the question why / 1
PA4004 .P724 2014eb Herodotus and Hellenistic culture : literary studies in the reception of the Histories / 1
PA4004 .P74 Herodot, der erste Geschichtschreiber des Abendlandes. 1
PA4004 .P75 1993 The liar school of Herodotos / 1
PA4004 .R43 2007 Reading Herodotus : a study of the logoi in Book 5 of Herodotus' Histories / 1
PA4004 S9 4 Herodotus / 1
PA4004 .T9 Notes on Herodotus, original and selected from the best commentators. 1
PA4004 .W55 2015 Herodotea : studies on the text of Herodotus / 1
PA4004 .W55 2015eb Herodotea : studies on the text of Herodotus / 1
PA4007 .F56 1987 The archaic smile of Herodotus / 1
PA4007. L59 1987 Repetition and variation in the short stories of Herodotus / 1
PA4007.Z5 R81 Elze Laut- und Formeniehre der herodotischen Sprachform, 1
PA4007 .Z8 1825 Lexicon Herodoteum quo et styli Herodotei universa ratio enucleate explicatur et quam plurimi musarum loci ex professo illustrantur passim etiam partim graeca lectio, partim versio latina quas offert Argentoratensis editio vel vindicatur vel emendatur ... 1
PA4007.Z8 P8 1960 A lexicon to Herodotus, 1
PA4008 .H2 The Mimes and fragments 1