Call Number (LC) Title Results
PA6141.Z5 W5 Golden Latin artistry, 1
PA6142 .N7 Études de moeurs et de critique sur les poètes latins de la décadence; 1
PA6142 .R66 2014 Poetic autonomy in Ancient Rome / 1
PA6142 .R74 Lines of enquiry : studies in Latin poetry / 1
PA6142 .W1 1958 Poetry in the Dark Ages. 1
PA6142 .W4 Poetarum latinorum Hostii, Laevii, C. Licinii Calvi, C. Helvii Cinnae, C. Valgii Rufi, Domitii Marsi, aliorumque vitae et carminum reliquiae. 1
PA6142.Z5 R5 1944 Poetical theory in republican Rome; an analytical discussion of the shorter narrative hexameter poems written in Latin during the first century before Christ, 1
PA6142.Z5 W55 1996 Repetition in Latin poetry : figures of allusion / 1
PA6144.A5 L6 Sujets et développements de compositions latines : donńees dans les facultés pour les examens du baccalauréat des lettres depuis 1858 jusqu'en 1871 / 1
PA 6144 Z5 + M4 1899 Der rednerische rhythmus mit besonderer beziehung auf Ciceros "orator" und mit berücksichtigung der reden des Demosthenes. 1
PA6155 Apocolocyntosis. 1
PA6156 .A1 2022 Fragmentary Republican Latin : Livius Andronicus, Naevius, Caecilius / 1
PA6156 .A2 1934 Minor Latin poets; 1
PA6156.C3 D4 1934 Marcus Porcius Cato, On agriculture; Marcus Terentius Varro, On agriculture; 1
PA6156 .F6 Lucius Annaeus Florus, Epitome of Roman history. Cornelius Nepos. 1
PA6156 .M25 1977 Astronomica / 1
PA6163.B1 1926 The mind of Rome; 1
PA6163 .G7 1958 Roman readings: translations from Latin prose and poetry. 1
PA6163 .G7 1978 Latin literature : an anthology / 1
PA6163 .G9 1942 Latin literature in translation, 1