Call Number (LC) Title Results
PA881 .B5 1951 A new Greek-English lexicon to the New Testament : supplemented by a chapter elucidating the synonyms of the New Testament, with a complete index to the synonyms / 1
PA881 .B55 Bible key words : from Gerhard Kittel's Theologisches Wörterbuch zum Neuen Testament / 1
PA881 .B55 v.7 Basileia / 1
PA881 +L23 A patristic Greek lexicon. 1
PA881 .L48 1750 Compendium Græcum Novi Testamenti : continens ex 7959, versiculis totius N. Testamenti, tantum versiculos 1900, (non tamen integros) in quibus omnes Novi Test. voces, una cum versione Latina, inveniuntur / 1
PA881 .M5 1955 Lexical aids for students of New Testament Greek / 1
PA881 .R6 1885 A Greek and English lexicon of the New Testament / 1
PA891.H4 H5 Sémitismes et latinismes dans le Pasteur d'Hermas / 1
PA891.H4 S54 2014 The Shepherd of Hermas in Latin : Critical Edition of the Oldest Translation Vulgata. 1
PA891.J6 +W23 New Testament Greek workbook; an inductive study of the complete text of the Gospel of John. 1
PA895.G8 H6 1930 The use of the optative mood in the works of St. Gregory of Nyssa / 1
PA1050 Reduplication at the Word Level. 1
PA1050 .B5 Kazantzakis and the linguistic revolution in Greek literature. 1
PA1050 .M33 2009eb Language and national identity in Greece, 1766-1976 / 1
PA1050 .T44 2014eb Sociolinguistics of style and social class in contemporary Athens / 1
PA1050 .T5 The Modern Greek: its pronunciation and relations to ancient Greek, with an appendix on rules of accentuation, etc. 1
PA1057 Direct speech, self-presentation and communities of practice : modern Greek narratives. 1
PA1057 .A48 2014eb Grammatical gender in interaction : cultural and cognitive aspects / 1
PA1057 .I58 1998 Themes in Greek Linguistics : Volume II. 1
PA1058 .B378 2012 Causality and Connectives : From Grice to Relevance. 1