Call Number (LC) Title Results
PE1460 .B63 2004eb A boatload of idioms : over a thousand English expressions / 1
PE1460 .B785 2002 Bryson's dictionary of troublesome words / 1
PE1460 .C78 1964 A dictionary of usage and style; the reference guide for professional writers, reporters, editors, teachers and students 1
PE1460 .D33 2018eb A syntactic study of idioms : psychological states in English and their constraints / 1
PE1460 .D78 1991 The elements of nonsexist usage : a guide to inclusive spoken and written English / 1
PE1460 .E92 1962 Comfortable words. 1
PE1460 .F5 Word and phrase; true and false use in English, 1
PE1460 .F6 1962 How to be brief; an index to simple writing. 1
PE1460 .F7 The king's English, 1
PE 1460 F7 2 The king's English ... 1
PE1460 .F7 1930 The King's English. 1
PE1460 .F84 1989 Language, gender, and professional writing : theoretical approaches and guidelines for nonsexist usage / 1
PE1460 .G384 2011 Grammar and Text. 1
PE1460 .J8 Correct writing and speaking, 1
PE1460 .K2 Workmanship in words, 1
PE1460 .L27 2006eb Idiomatic creativity : a cognitive-linguistic model of idiom-representation and idiom-variation in English / 1
PE1460 .L44 2016eb Around the World in 80 Cliches : Overused Expressions from Across the Globe. 1
PE1460 .M26 1991 The dictionary of bias-free usage : a guide to nondiscriminatory language / 1
PE1460 .M27 1972eb Idiom structure in English / 1
PE1460 .M8 The Dean's English : a criticism on the Dean of Canterbury's essays on the Queen's English / 1