Call Number (LC) Title Results
PM7895.P5 R82 The Pitcairnese language, 1
PM8004 Interlinguistics : aspects of the science of planned languages / 1
PM8006.W55 John Wilkins and 17th-Century British Linguistics. 1
PM8006 .W55 J6 1992 John Wilkins and 17th-Century British Linguistics. 1
PM8008 .D14 Ars signorum. 1
PM8008 .D8 1944 The green star 1
PM8008 .I6 1931 International communication; a symposium on the language problem, 1
PM8008 .O37 2009 In the land of invented languages : Esperanto rock stars, Klingon poets, Loglan lovers, and the mad dreamers who tried to build a perfect language / 1
PM8008 .P456 1961 One language for the world. 1
PM8008 .U79 Logopandecteision, 1653. 1
PM8009 .K57 Universal language schemes in England and France, 1600-1800 / 1
PM8209 .F53 2021 Esperanto revolutionaries and geeks : language politics, digital media and the making of an international community / 1
PM8209 .J36 2009eb Esperanto, een taal om van te houden : rede, uitgesproken bij de aanvaarding van het ambt van bijzonder hoogleraar Interlinguïstiek en Esperanto aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam op 4 september 2009 / 1
PM8213 .E1 1934 General language course, 1
PM8213 .K3 1930 An Esperanto course. 1
PM78207.J3 English as a Lingua Franca in Japan : towards multilingual practices / 1
PN Hitchcock /
Scenes from the drama of european literature : six essays.
Films of ingmar bergman.
Irrigation and Water Resources Engineering.
Problems & Solutions to Mechanical Engineering.
El género y la reforma del sector salud.
A doll's house.
Television and its viewers.
Horror film and psychoanalysis : freud's worst nightmare.
Performing adaptations : essays and conversations on the theory and practice of adaptation /
The media in the movies : a catalog of American journalism films, 1900-1996 /
Performing Consciousness.
Planning Irrigation Network and OFD Works.
Redefining Adaptation Studies.
How to Cheat at Configuring ISA Server 2004.
The Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing : Year 2000 Progress Assessment of the PATH Program.
Florida Bay Research Programs and Their Relation to the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan.
The Disposition Dilemma : Controlling the Release of Solid Materials from Nuclear Regulatory Commission-Licensed Facilities.
For Greener Skies : Reducing Environmental Impacts of Aviation.
Alexander Kluge : Raw Materials for the Imagination /
Commonwealth of Letters : British Literary Culture and the Emergence of Postcolonial Aesthetics.
Against the Event : the Everyday and Evolution of Modernist Narrative.
Secret History Of Queen Zarah, and the Zarazians
Be in Charge : a Leadership Manual.
Building a Cisco Wireless Lan.
Chemistry of the Environment.
Handbook of Clay Science.
The great radio soap operas /
Pequeña Guía de Minerales Inexistentes
Complete Partnership Book.
Ventura Pons : una mirada excepcional desde el cine catalán /
Death and the Labyrinth : the World of Raymond Roussel.
The Arts of Attention /
Les anthologies en France /
La cité des enfants perdus = The city of lost children /
Cine español : infancia y memoria histórica : propuesta didáctica /
Periodismo y desastres : múltiples miradas /
La retórica del exorcismo : ensayos sobre religión y literatura /
Sur le théâtre de Philippe Quesne : l'anthroposcène et ses troglodytes /
El estado de las cosas : cine latinoamericano en el nuevo milenio /
Passivation of Metals and Semiconductors, and Properties of Thin Oxide Layers : a Selection of Papers from the 9th International Symposium, Paris, France, 27 June 1 July 2005.
Grotesque Revisited : Grotesque and Satire in the Post/Modern Literature of Central and Eastern Europe.
Direct Theory : Experimental Motion Pictures as Major Genre.
Thermionics Quo Vadis? : an Assessment of the DTRA's Advanced Thermionics Research and Development Program.
A history of literature in the Caribbean, Vol. 2 : English- and Dutch-speaking regions.
Literature and the Human : Theory, Criticism, Practice.
Estudios Filosóficos y Culturales Sobre la Mitología en el Cine
La Imaginación Tangible. una Historia Esencial Del Cine de Animación
Periodismo y Derecho Internacional Humanitario. un análisis para el Siglo XXI
Cine argentino contemporáneo : visiones y discursos /
PN1 Emerson Goes to the Movies : Individualism in Walt Disney Company's Post-1989 Animated Films.
Rosebud Sleds and Horses' Heads : 50 of Film's Most Evocative Objects.
Comic grace : we mortal fools in movie comedy.
I want to change my life : can reality TV competition shows trigger lasting career success?.
PN1 .C71 Colloquia Germanica. 1
PN1 .M6 Modern philology. 1