Call Number (LC) Title Results
PN1415 .D6 Der heroische Brief. Bestandsaufnahme, Geschichte, Kritik einer humanistisch-barocken Literaturgattung. 1
PN1421 .K373 2016 T. Calpurnius Siculus : a pastoral poet in Neronian Rome / 1
PN1421 .L7 The georgic; a contribution to the study of the Vergilian type of didactic poetry, 1
PN1421 .P6 1975 The oaten flute : essays on pastoral poetry and the pastoral ideal / 1
PN1421 .S34 1988 Mourning and panegyric : the poetics of pastoral ceremony / 1
PN1435 .R63 2009eb Mock-epic poetry from Pope to Heine / 1
PN1441 .N7 Martial and the modern epigram, 1
PN1455 .B64 2010 Reading Visual Poetry. 1
PN1455 .P46 2023 Instapoetry : digital image texts / 1
PN1475 .E17 Ecbasis cuiusdam captivi per tropologiam. Escape of a certain captive told in a figurative manner; an eleventh-century Latin beast epic. 1
PN1511 Obsession : Sestinas in the Twenty-First Century. 1
PN1511 .S5 Hieroglyph of time : the Petrarchan sestina / 1
PN1511.S5 Hieroglyph of Time : the Petrarchan Sestina. 1
PN1514 .F8 The sonnet. 1
PN1514 .O6 1989 The birth of the modern mind : self, consciousness, and the invention of the sonnet / 1
PN1514 .O6 1989eb PN1514.O6 1989 The Birth of the Modern Mind : Self, Consciousness, and the Invention of the Sonnet. 1
PN1530 .D43 2004 The monologue : from mystery to mastery with 50 original monologues / 1
PN1530 .S26 2000eb Zen and the art of the monologue / 1
PN1530 .S5 1977 Dramatic monologue / 1
PN1551 Joining the Conversation : Dialogues by Renaissance Women. 1