Call Number (LC) Title Results
PN1994 .W463 1993 Deadline at dawn : film criticism, 1980-1990 / 1
PN1994.9 .V36 1998 Film and television in-jokes : nearly 2,000 intentional references, parodies, allusions, personal touches, cameos, spoofs, and homages / 1
PN1995 What Is Film Theory?
Small cinemas in global markets : genres, identities, narratives /
Writing, Directing, and Producing Documentary Films and Digital Videos.
Altman and after : multiple narratives in film /
Language and cinema /
The altering eye : contemporary international cinema /
What Is Cinema? : Volume I.
Cinema and Intermediality : the Passion for the In-Between.
Making Meaning: Inference & Rhetoric in the Interpretation of Cinema
Hollywood's Detectives : Crime Series in the 1930s and 1940s from the Whodunnit to Hardboiled Noir.
Reframing the Subject : Postwar Instructional Film and Class-Conscious Literacies.
Neo-Baroques : from Latin America to the Hollywood Blockbuster /
Film as philosophy /
Transformational ethics of film : thinking the cinemakeover in the film-philosophy debate /
Film and the Anarchist Imagination Expanded Second Edition.
Stardom : discussions on fame and celebrity culture /
The crisis of political modernism : criticism and ideology in contemporary film theory /
Preserving and exhibiting media art : challenges and perspectives /
Activist Media : Documenting Movements and Networked Solidarity.
Theorizing the moving image /
Invisible storytellers : voice-over narration in American fiction film /
Elegy for theory /
Visual Alterity Seeing Difference in Cinema.
Autism in film and television : on the Island /
Keywords in Subversive Film /
Slow cinema /
The art of the filmmaker : the practical aesthetics of the screen /
Describing cinema /
Reboot culture : comics, film, transmedia /
How toddlers learn the secret language of movies /
Norma /
Moving pictures : a new theory of film genres, feelings and cognition /
Engaging characters : fiction, emotion, and the cinema /
The empathic screen : cinema and neuroscience /
Philosophy of film without theory /
Atmosphere, architecture, cinema : thematic reflections on ambiance and place /
Psychocinematics : exploring cognition at the movies /
PN1995 .A26 Esthétique du cinéma. 1
PN1995 .A275 2010eb Afterimages of Gilles Deleuze's film philosophy / 1
PN1995 .A448 2006 American movie critics : an anthology from the silents until now / 1
PN1995.A49 Concepts in Film Theory. 1
PN1995 .A599 2016eb The multisensory film experience : a cognitive model of experiential film aesthetics / 1
PN1995 .A785 1995 L'analyse des films / 1
PN1995 .B262 2014eb Performance projections : film and the body in action / 1
PN1995 .B2953 2012 Multimodal Film Analysis : How Films Mean. 1
PN1995 .B324 1997 Bazin at work : major essays and reviews from the forties and fifties / 1
PN1995 .B336 2006 The cinematic mode of production : attention economy and the society of the spectacle / 1
PN1995 .B336 2012 The Cinematic Mode of Production : Attention Economy and the Society of the Spectacle. 1
PN1995 .B344 1983 Cinema stylists / 1
PN1995 .B3445 2012eb Cinema of choice : optional thinking and narrative movies / 1
PN1995 .B3655 2017 Hollywood aesthetic : pleasure in American cinema / 1
PN1995 .B37 2010eb Abandoned images : film and film's end / 1
PN1995 .B475 2013eb Berlin school glossary : an ABC of the new wave in German cinema / 1