Call Number (LC) Title Results
PN686.G7 N97 Studies on the legend of the Holy Grail; with especial reference to the hypothesis of its Celtic origin. 1
PN686.G7 O97 The evolution of the Grail Legend 1
PN686.G7 .P374 2017 L'énigme du Graal La Relique Aux Mille Visages. 1
PN686.G7 P45 1995 The search for the Grail / 1
PN686.G7 W14 1961 The Holy Grail; the Galahad quest in the Arthurian literature. 1
PN686.G7 W53 1964 The quest of the Holy Grail, 1
PN686.G7 W53 1964b The quest of the Holy Grail / 1
PN 686 G7 W53f From ritual to romance. 1
PN686.G7 W66 2012 The Holy Grail : History and Legend. 1
PN686.G85 .O346 2021 The Knight Without Boundaries 1
PN686.L2 D2 Lancelot and Guenevere : retold from the original sources / 1
PN686.L2 L37 2002 Lancelot and Guinevere : a casebook / 1
PN686.L2 W41 Three chapters on courtly love in Arthurian France and Germany: Lancelot - Andreas Capellanus - Wolfram von Eschenbach's Parzival. 1
PN686.M4 Merlin : a casebook /
The "Prophetia Merlini" of Geoffrey of Monmouth : a fifteenth-century English commentary /
PN686.M4.L39 2012eb True History of Merlin the Magician. 1
PN686.M4 T65 1985b The quest for Merlin / 1
PN686.P4 P46 2012 Perceval/Parzival : a Casebook. 1
PN686.T7 The conflict of love and honor : the medieval Tristan legend in France, Germany and Italy / 1
PN686.T8 E36 The Tristan legend; a study in sources. 1
PN686.T8 F4 The conflict of love and honor. The medieval Tristan legend in France, Germany and Italy. 1