Call Number (LC) Title Results
PQ4339 .P2 1936 Dante : ein ewiges Leben / 1
PQ4339 .P2 1995 Introduzione a Dante / 1
PQ4341 .W5 1949 Dante and Virgil. 1
PQ4341 W5b 1959 Barlow lectures on Dante, 1959 (Essays in the like and the unlike); delivered at University College, London, May, 1959. 1
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PQ4349 .L52 New light on the youth of Dante; the course of Dante's life prior to 1290 traced in the Inferno, cantos 3-13. 1
PQ4352.A2 A5 Dante, the wayfarer, 1
PQ4353.A2 R3 1973 Dante and his Italy. 1
PQ4353.F6 L1 1912 With Dante in modern Florence / 1
PQ4360 .N12a 1665 Annus dierum memorabilium Societatis Iesu, siue, Commentarius quotidianae virtutis, notabilem vnius, vel plurium in Societate vitâ functorum : virtute quapiam insignium memoriam in menses dieśque quibus obiêre partitè distributam complexus / 1
PQ4363.B21 D1 Dante; essays in commemoration. 1321-1921 ... 1
PQ4363.B66 C45 The world of Dante; six studies in language and thought, 1
PQ 4366 + V9 Iconografia Dantesca : die bildlichen darstellungen -- zur Göttlichen komödie -- / 1
PQ4367.A2 M3 The portraits of Dante compared with the measurement of his skull and reclassified, 1
PQ4371 .A6 Approaches to teaching Dante's Divine comedy / 1
PQ4375 .B7 An Irish precursor of Dante; a study on the Vision of heaven and hell, ascribed to the eighth-century Irish saint, Adamnán, 1
PQ4380 .D58 1903 Aids to the study of Dante, 1
PQ4380 .S16 Dante e la critica / 1
PQ4381 .F9 1950 Dante's fame abroad, 1350-1850; the influence of Dante Alighieri on the poets and scholars of Spain, France, England, Germany, Switzerland, and the United States; 1
PQ4381.2 .B37 2006 Dante and the Origins of Italian Literary Culture.
Dante and the origins of Italian literary culture /
PQ4382 .P37 1993 Commentary and ideology : Dante in the Renaissance / 1