Call Number (LC) Title Results
PR 641 B3 3 The English religious drama, 1
PR641 .C2 1930 Drama and liturgy, 1
PR641 .C58 2001 Drama, play, and game : English festive culture in the medieval and early modern period / 1
PR641 .C68 1989 Contexts for early English drama / 1
PR641 .C8 1955 English religious drama of the Middle Ages. 1
PR641 .G2 1946 Mysteries' end; an investigation of the last days of the medieval religious stage. 1
PR641 .K54 Mediaeval drama 1
PR641 .N49 1997 A new history of early English drama / 1
PR641 .R5 1991 Medieval drama / 1
PR641 .R8 1950 English drama from early times to the Elizabethans; its background, origins and developments. 1
PR641 .S66 1997 Drama and resistance : bodies, goods, and theatricality in late medieval England / 1
PR641.S66 PR641.S66 1997 Drama and Resistance : Bodies, Goods, and Theatricality in Late Medieval England. 1
PR641 .T3 Medieval English drama; essays critical and contextual. 1
PR641 .W72 1961 The drama of medieval England. 1
PR641 .W74 The English drama, 1485-1585. 1
PR643 .C7 1841 Ludus Coventriæ. A collection of mysteries, formerly represented at Coventry on the feast of Corpus Christi. 1
PR643 .C7 1922 Ludus Coventriæ; or, The plaie called Corpus Christi, Cotton ms. Vespasian D. VIII, 1
PR643 .C7 1957 Two Coventry Corpus Christi plays: 1. The shearmen and taylors' pageant, 1
PR643.C7 H3 "Ilike a creature, takes entente" : a re-investigation of the purpose and effectiveness of medieval Corpus Christi drama / 1
PR643.C7 K81 The play called Corpus Christi 1