Call Number (LC) Title Results
PR149.R65 L46 1986 The promised end : romance closure in the Gawain-poet, Malory, Spenser, and Shakespeare / 1
PR149.S4 C76 2018 Modernist physics : waves, particles, and relativities in the writings of Virginia Woolf and D.H. Lawrence / 1
PR149.S4 L56 2014 What Galileo saw : imagining the scientific revolution / 1
PR149.S4 P74 2015 The poetics of scientific investigation in seventeenth-century England / 1
PR149.S5 A54 2006eb "And never know the joy" : sex and the erotic in English poetry / 1
PR149.S6 B6 Social backgrounds of English literature / 1
PR 149 S6 B6 4 Social backgrounds of English literature, 1
PR149.S6 S4 Social ideals in English letters, 1
PR 149 S6 S4 2 Social ideals in English letters, 1
PR149.S75 The emergence of the fourth dimension : higher spatial thinking in the fin de siècle / 1
PR149.S95 M37 2013eb Modernism and the rhythms of sympathy : Vernon Lee, Virginia Woolf, D.H. Lawrence / 1
PR149.S95 R37 2008eb On sympathy / 1
PR149.T7 B7 The gorgon's head : a study in tragedy and despair / 1
PR149.U8 S3 British and American utopian literature, 1516-1975 : an annotated bibliography / 1
PR149.V55 J6 1974eb Supreme fictions : studies in the work of William Blake, Thomas Carlyle, W.B. Yeats, and D.H. Lawrence / 1
PR151.C5 C6 1957 Poor monkey : the child in literature / 1
PR151.C5 C6 1967b The image of childhood; the individual and society: a study of the theme in English literature. 1
PR151.C5 P3 The child figure in English literature / 1
PR151.J5 B53 2004 Masculinity, anti-semitism, and early modern English literature : from the satanic to the effeminate Jew / 1
PR151.J5 .B534 2016 Masculinity, Anti-Semitism and Early Modern English Literature : From the Satanic to the Effeminate Jew. 1