Call Number (LC) Title Results
PR2206 ǂb K56 2000eb Oxford Francis Bacon, XV : the Essayes or Counsels, Civill and Morall. 1
PR2207 .G1 1900 Concerning the bi-literal cypher of Francis Bacon, discovered in his works. Pros and cons of the controversy. 1
PR2207.N49 Francis Bacon's New Atlantis : new interdisciplinary essays / 1
PR2208 Rhetoric and the familiar in Francis Bacon and John Donne / 1
PR2208 .S47 1996 Francis Bacon revisited / 1
PR2208 .V63 Francis Bacon and Renaissance prose / 1
PR2208 .V63e Essential articles for the study of Francis Bacon. 1
PR2209.B2 A21 King Johan. 1
PR2209.B2 H27 1996 John Bale / 1
PR2209.B2 H28 1970 John Bale, a study in the minor literature of the Reformation, 1
PR2209.B3 E1 1928 The eclogues of Alexander Barclay from the original edition by John Cawood, 1
PR2209.B6 P3 1971 Parthenophil and Parthenophe 1
PR2211 .B37m The metamorphosis of tobacco. 1
PR2214 .B4 The works in verse and prose of Nicholas Breton. 1
PR2214 .B4b Brittons Bowre of delights, 1591; 1
PR2214 + B4h The Harp with a Sabbath tone. 1
PR 2214 B4p Poems. 1
PR2214 .B84a The arbor of amorous devices, 1597, 1
PR 2214 B84p Pasquils mad-cap, and Pasquils fooles-cap. 1
PR2215 .A4 Selected poems of Fulke Greville; 1