Call Number (LC) Title Results
PR2358 .H83 A preface to The faerie queene. 1
PR2358 + H83 The first commentary on The faerie queene, being an analysis of the annotations in Lord Bessborough's copy of the first edition of The Faerie queene [by] Graham Hough, with a foreword by the Earl of Bessborough. 1
PR2358 .K36 1989 Spenser's moral allegory / 1
PR2358 .K47 2000 The Faerie Queene and Middle English romance : the matter of just memory / 1
PR2358 .K6 Spenser : Book I of the Faery queene / 1
PR2358 .K6 1897 Spenser; book I of the Faery queene, 1
PR2358 .K68 1983 Apparent narrative as thematic metaphor : the organization of the Faerie queene / 1
PR2358 .L4 1983 Spenser's "fierce warres and faithfull loves" : martial and chivalric symbolism in "The faerie queene" / 1
PR2358 .L6 1987 The sacred marriage : psychic integration in the Faerie queene / 1
PR2358 .M3 Spenser's allegory : the anatomy of imagination / 1
PR2358 .M34 1997 Spenser and the discourses of Reformation England / 1
PR2358 .M38 2002 Spenser's Faerie queene and the reading of women / 1
PR2358 .M45 1991 The Faerie queene : educating the reader / 1
PR2358 .M48 1988 The poem's two bodies : the poetics of the 1590 Faerie queene / 1
PR2358 .M65 Spenser and the Table Round; a study in the contemporaneous background for Spenser's use of the Arthurian legend. 1
PR2358 .N6 The analogy of The Faerie queene / 1
PR2358 .O25 Mirror and veil : the historical dimension of Spenser's Faerie queene / 1
PR2358 .P12 The political and ecclesiastical allegory of the first book of the Faerie queene. 1
PR2358 .P2 1960 The allegory of The Faerie Queene. 1
PR2358 +Q56 1996a Spenser and the monomyth essays in interpretation / 1