Call Number (LC) Title Results
PR4588 .D26 The flint and the flame; the artistry of Charles Dickens. 1
PR4588 .D4 1976 Dickens's apprentice years : the making of a novelist / 1
PR4588 .D54 Dickens criticism: past, present and future directions; a symposium with George H. Ford [and others] at the 56th Annual Conference of the Dickens Fellowship held in the Alumni Auditorium, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, on 10 June 1962. 1
PR4588 .D548 Dickens the craftsman: strategies of presentation. 1
PR4588 .E5 1959 The maturity of Dickens. 1
PR4588 .F6 1955 Dickens and his readers; aspects of novel-criticism since 1836. 1
PR4588 .F6d 1961 The Dickens critics, 1
PR4588 .G5 Critical studies of the works of Charles Dickens, 1
PR4588 .G5 1898 Charles Dickens, a critical study 1
PR 4588 G5c Charles Dickens, a critical study 1
PR4588 .G58 2012 Global Dickens / 1
PR4588 .G61 Charles Dickens: radical moralist. 1
PR4588 .G7 1966 Dickens and the twentieth century / 1
PR4588 .H283 2008 Dickens and creativity / 1
PR4588 .H283 2008eb Dickens and creativity / 1
PR4588 .H3 1970 The moral art of Dickens: essays 1
PR4588 .H81 "Noah's arkitecture"; a study of Dickens's [sic] mythology, 1
PR4588 .K5 Dickens and the rhetoric of laughter 1
PR4588 .K8 1981 Excess and restraint in the novels of Charles Dickens / 1
PR4588 .M3 1968 Dickens : from Pickwick to Dombey / 1