Call Number (LC) Title Results
PR5906 .P7 William Butler Yeats, 1
PR5906 .R667 2009 Critical companion to William Butler Yeats : a literary reference to his life and work / 1
PR5906 .S16 2002 Becoming George : the life of Mrs. W.B. Yeats / 1
PR5906 .S18 Yeats and Castiglione, poet and courtier; a study of some fundamental concepts of the philosophy and poetic creed of W.B. Yeats in the light of Castiglione's Il libro del cortegiano. 1
PR5906 .S3 1957 Prolegomena to the study of Yeats's poems. 1
PR5906 .S79 Homage to Yeats, 1865-1965; papers read at a Clark Library seminar, October 16, 1965, 1
PR5906 .T67 W.B. Yeats & Georgian Ireland. 1
PR5906 .T8 1991 Yeats / 1
PR5906 .W1 1958 A bibliography of the writings of W. B. Yeats. 1
PR5906 + W71 W.B. Yeats, 1865-1965; a centenary tribute. 1
PR5906 .Y438 2013eb Yeats's mask : a special issue / 1
PR5906 .Y5 1946 J.B. Yeats letters to his son, W. B. Yeats, and others, 1869-1922, 1
PR5906 .Z9 Yeats and the heroic ideal. 1
PR5907 Words Alone : Yeats and his Inheritances. 1
PR5907 .A33 1990 The book of Yeats's poems / 1
PR5907 .A76 2013 Reframing Yeats : Genre, Allusion and History. 1
PR5907 .A77 2023 The Oxford Handbook of W. B. Yeats / 1
PR5907 .A85 The myth against myth: a study of Yeats's imagination in old age. 1
PR5907 .A89 1983 Yeats / 1
PR5907 .B36 2006eb Yeats and the logic of formalism / 1