Call Number (LC) Title Results
PR5907 .C59 1993 W.B. Yeats and the theatre of desolate reality / 1
PR5907 .D6 1988 William Butler Yeats / 1
PR5907 .G21 Beyond Byzantium; the last phase of Yeats's career 1
PR5907 .H31 Yeats: Coole Park & Ballylee 1
PR5907 .H4 The lonely tower; studies in the poetry of W.B. Yeats. 1
PR5907 .H7 William Butler Yeats : the poet in contemporary Ireland / 1
PR5907 .J4 1961 The poetry of W. B. Yeats. 1
PR5907 .L58 2013eb The living stream : essays in memory of A. Norman Jeffares / 1
PR5907 .M16 The Yeats we knew. Memoirs by Pádraic Colum, Francis Stuart, Monk Gibbon, Earnán de Blaghd, Austin Clarke, 1
PR5907 .N3 The tragic drama of William Butler Yeats; figures in a dance, 1
PR5907 .O3 Sailing to Byzantium : a study in the development of the later style and symbolism in the poetry of William Butler Yeats / 1
PR5907 .O37 Yeats and the theatre. 1
PR5907 .P2 1951 W.B. Yeats, self-critic; a study of his early verse. 1
PR5907 .P26 1963 A concordance to the poems of W. B. Yeats. 1
PR5907 .P47 1982 William Butler Yeats / 1
PR5907 .P79 2011 W.B. Yeats, Ezra Pound, and the Poetry of Paradise. 1
PR5907 .R35 1961 William Butler Yeats; the lyric of tragedy. 1
PR5907 .R35 2006eb The reception of W.B. Yeats in Europe / 1
PR5907 .R67 1994 Running to paradise : Yeats's poetic art / 1
PR5907 .S32 1982 A new species of man : the poetic persona of W.B. Yeats / 1