Call Number (LC) Title Results
PR9453 .H58 Forty-two faces 1
PR9471 .B92 Essays in poetry, mainly Australian. 1
PR9484.3 .D47 2018eb Affect and the performative dimension of fear in the Indian English novel : tumults of the imagination / 1
PR9484.3 .G36 2011eb The postcolonial Indian novel in English / 1
PR9484.3 .S85 1992 The rhetoric of English India / 1
PR9485.2 Heritage and ruptures in Indian literature, culture and cinema /
Before the raj : writing early Anglophone India /
PR9485.2 .B88 2015 Transcultural Memory and Globalised Modernity in Contemporary Indo-English Novels. 1
PR9485.45 Shaping Indian diaspora : literary representations and Bollywood consumption away from the Desi /
Away : the Indian Writer as an Expatriate.
PR9485.45 .W75 1993 Writers of the Indian diaspora : a bio-bibliographical critical sourcebook / 1
PR9485.5.L4 (Un)familiar femininities : studies in contemporary lesbian South Asian texts / 1
PR9485.5.M6 G46 2008eb Genres of modernity : contemporary Indian novels in English / 1
PR9485.5.N27 S48 1999eb Myths of the nation : national identity and literary representation / 1
PR9485.5.P655 Genres of emergency : forms of crisis and continuity in Indian writing in English / 1
PR9485.5.S4 Exploring Gender in the Literature of the Indian Diaspora. 1
PR9485.5.S47 H3 2024 Postcolonial servitude : domestic servants in global South Asian English literature / 1
PR9485.6.W6 Land of One's Own : Women and Land Rights in Literature and Society. 1
PR9488 Contemporary women's writing in India /
Influence of English on Indian Women Writers : Voices from Regional Languages /
Recritiquing Women's Writing in English, 1 & 2.
PR9488 .P66 2004eb Paradoxes of postcolonial culture : contemporary women writers of the Indian and Afro-Italian diaspora / 1
PR9489.4 .J67 2004 Reading the East India Company, 1720-1840 : colonial currencies of gender / 1
PR9489.5 .K37 2010 Educating Seeta : the Anglo-Indian family romance and the poetics of indirect rule / 1