Call Number (LC) Title Results
PS1244 .S9 1899 Strong hearts. 1
PS1246 .B5 1928 George W. Cable; his life and letters, 1
PS1246 .B9 1959 George W. Cable: the Northampton years. 1
PS 1246 B9g 1962 George W. Cable. 1
PS1246 .C54 1996 George Washington Cable revisited / 1
PS1246 .R8 George W. Cable: the life and times of a Southern heretic 1
PS1246 .T9 1956 George W. Cable, a biography. 1
PS 1250 C14p Poems, original and translated, 1
PS 1250 C15m My host the enemy, and other tales; sketches of life and adventure on the border line of the West. 1
PS1251 .C15L 1895 The leg-pullers, or, Politics as she is applied : a tale of the Puritan commonwealth / 1
PS 1251 C16b Brangonar, a tragedy, 1
PS 1251 C16c Comedies. 1
PS 1251 C16e Ellen: a poem. 1
PS1251 .C16j Joan of Arc: a narrative poem. 1
PS 1251 C16m Mirabeau, an historical drama, 1
PS1251 C16z E93 George Henry Calvert, American literary pioneer / 1
PS1251 C17h Henri, or, The web and woof of life / 1
PS 1251 C18L 1887 Lyrics on freedom, love and death, 1
PS1251.C77 L8 Lyrics on freedom, love and death / 1
PS 1252 C22p Poetical selections from the papers of the late Mrs. Martha C. Canfield. 1