Call Number (LC) Title Results
Q175.35 .E97 2003eb The experiences and challenges of science and ethics : proceedings of an American-Iranian workshop / 1
Q175.35 .I57 2002eb Integrity in scientific research : creating an environment that promotes responsible conduct / 1
Q175.35 .R46 1998 The ethics of science : an introduction / 1
Q175.35 .R47 2007eb The price of truth : how money affects the norms of science / 1
Q175.37 .B45 1992 Impure science : fraud, compromise, and political influence in scientific research / 1
Q175.37 .F75 2010eb The Lomborg deception : setting the record straight about global warming / 1
Q175.37 .G66 2010eb On fact and fraud : cautionary tales from the front lines of science / 1
Q175.37 .J84 2004 The great betrayal : fraud in science / 1
Q175.37 .S65 2000eb The Sokal hoax : the sham that shook the academy / 1
Q175.4-.55 A Philosophy of Ambient Sound : Materiality, Technology, Art and the Sonic Environment / 1
Q175.4 .C47 1970 Science, engineering and the quality of life : [proceedings]. 1
Q175.4 .S35 2020eb Science teacher education for responsible citizenship : towards a pedagogy for relevance through socioscientific issues / 1
Q175.4 .U538 1988 Science and technology for development : report of the nineteenth United Nations Issues Conference / 1
Q175.4 .U54 1979 Science and ethical responsibility : proceedings of the U.S. Student Pugwash Conference, University of California, San Diego, June 19-26, 1979 / 1
Q175.46 .R68 2021 The Routledge handbook of science and empire / 1
Q175.46 .S34 2010eb Science and empire in the nineteenth century : a journey of imperial conquest and scientific progress / 1
Q175.5 La science et la conscience : Essai philosophique.
Laws of Nature : Essays on the Philosophical, Scientific and Historical Dimensions.
Culture scientifique : testez vos connaissances! /
Science and democracy : controversies and conflicts /
Science under attack : the age of unreason /
Les usages sociaux de la science : pour une sociologie clinique du champ scientifique /
From hyperspace to hypertext : masculinity, globalization, and their discontents /
Q175.5 .A42 2003eb Politicizing science : the alchemy of policymaking / 1
Q175.5 .A5 Science and society : studies in the sociology of science / 1
Q175.5 .A766 1988eb Science as power : discourse and ideology in modern society / 1