Call Number (LC) Title Results
QA171 .L46 Introduction to group characters / 1
QA171 .L46 1987 Introduction to group characters / 1
QA171 .L47 On the groups JO(G) / 1
QA171 .L48 Two papers : H-coextensions of monoids and the structure of a band of groups / 1
QA171 .L75 1990 The maximal factorizations of the finite simple groups and their automorphism groups / 1
QA171 .L765 The Weil representation, Maslov index, and theta series / 1
QA171 + L92 Galois theory : lectures given at seminar in algebraic number theory at Bowdoin College in the summer of 1966. 1
QA171 .L923 1985 Varieties of representations of finitely generated groups / 1
QA171 .L969 1984 Characters of reductive groups over a finite field / 1
QA171 .L97 The discrete series of GLn over a finite field. 1
QA171 .L975 Representations of finite Chevalley groups / 1
QA171 .L98 Combinatorial group theory / 1
QA171 .L985 1985 Groups and geometry / 1
QA171 .M1 1953 Order-preserving maps and integration processes. 1
QA171 .M173 Unitary group representations in physics, probability, and number theory / 1
QA171 .M19 Combinatorial group theory; presentations of groups in terms of generators and relations 1
QA171 .M6 Correspondances de Howe sur un corps p-adique / 1
QA171 .M65 Symmetry groups and their applications. 1
QA171 .M7 1955 Topological transformation groups 1
QA171 .N1713 1982 Theory of group representations / 1