Call Number (LC) Title Results
QA331 .V275 1981 Value distribution theory : proceedings of the Nordic summer school in mathematics held at Joensuu, Finland June 1-12, 1981 / 1
QA331 .V28 Convex transformations of random variables / 1
QA331 .V57 Lectures on Levi convexity of complex manifolds and cohomology vanishing theorems, 1
QA331 .V8713 Generalized functions in mathematical physics / 1
QA331 .V9713 1976 A brief course in the theory of functions of a real variable : (an introduction to the theory of the integral) / 1
QA331 .W61 Complex analytic varieties. 1
QA331 .W95 The equidistribution theory of holomorphic curves. 1
QA331 .Z37 The origin and the development of the theory of saturation : (including the Pham-Teissier approach to that theory) / 1
QA331 .Z48 2005 Spaces of holomorphic functions in the unit ball / 1
QA331 ǂb .A462 2005eb In the Tradition of Ahlfors-Bers, IV 1
QA331 ǂb A6547 1985eb Analytic Functions of One Complex Variable. 1
QA331.5 Banach Lattices /
A Guide to Real Variables /
A generalization of Bohr-Mollerup's theorem for higher order convex functions /
Notes on real analysis and measure theory : fine properties of real sets and functions /
QA331.5 .A64 2013 Bounded Variation and Around. 1
QA 331.5 + B51 An outline of the theory of functions of a real variable. 1
QA331.5 .B54 Fractional dimensions and bounded fractional forms / 1
QA331.5 .B545 1985eb Fractional dimensions and bounded fractional forms / 1
QA331.5 .B57 1960 A primer of real functions. 1
QA331.5 .B57 1972 A primer of real functions, 1
QA331.5 .B57 1996 A primer of real functions / 1
QA331.5 .B67 2010 Convex functions : constructions, characterizations and counterexamples / 1