Call Number (LC) Title Results
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QA372 .R35 1991 Periodic solutions of nonlinear dynamical systems : numerical computation, stability, bifurcation, and transition to chaos / 1
QA 372 + R43 Periodic solutions of certain ordinary non-linear differential equations. 1
QA372 .R55 2021 Delay differential equations and applications to biology / 1
QA372 .R64 Two-point boundary value problems: shooting methods 1
QA372 .R77 2004eb An introduction to ordinary differential equations / 1
QA372 .S124 2000 Équations différentielles à points singuliers irréguliers et phénomène de Stokes en dimension 2 / 1
QA372 .S13 Lifting properties in skew-product flows with applications to differential equations / 1
QA372 .S21 Ordinary differential equations and stability theory; an introduction 1
QA372 .S266 2011 Qualitative and asymptotic analysis of differential equations with random perturbations / 1
QA372 .S373 2011 Ordinary Differential Equations : a Practical Guide. 1
QA372 .S4148 1988 The numerical solution of ordinary and partial differential equations / 1
QA372 .S415 1988 From equilibrium to chaos : practical bifurcation and stability analysis / 1
QA372 .S416 Computer solution of ordinary differential equations : the initial value problem / 1
QA372 .S418 2014eb Singular perturbations : introduction to system order reduction methods with applications / 1
QA372 .S473 1990 Linear differential equations in the complex domain : problems of analytic continuation / 1
QA372 .S56 1961 Linear differential equations with variable coefficients; criteria of stability and unstability of their solutions. Translated from Russian. 1
QA372 .S65 2010eb Some problems on nonlinear hyperbolic equations and applications / 1
QA372 .S7 The Lorenz equations : bifurcations, chaos, and strange attractors / 1
QA372 .S78 Stability problems. 1