Call Number (LC) Title Results
QC879.8 .D4 1986 Detecting the climatic effects of increasing carbon dioxide / 1
QC879.8 D5 1985 Direct effects of increasing carbon dioxide on vegetation / 1
QC879.8 .D65 2023eb Carbon dioxide through the ages : from wild spirit to climate culprit / 1
QC879.8 .E25 1994 Effects of land-use change on atmospheric C0₂ concentrations : South and Southeast Asia as a case study / 1
QC879.8 .E88 2003eb Estimating climate sensitivity : report of a workshop / 1
QC879.8 .G55 2004eb The global carbon cycle : integrating humans, climate, and the natural world / 1
QC879.8.G62 2010 How to Live a Low-Carbon Life : the Individual's Guide to Tackling Climate Change. 1
QC879.8 .K37 2019 The legacy of carbon dioxide : past and present impacts / 1
QC879.8 .L86 2006eb QC879.8 Soil Respiration and the Environment. 1
QC879.8 .N5 1985 Glaciers, ice sheets, and sea level : effect of a CO₂-induced climatic change : report of a workshop held in Seattle, Washington, September 13-15, 1984 / 1
QC879.8 .P86 1985 Projecting the climatic effects of increasing carbon dioxide / 1
QC879.8 .R44 1994 Regulation of atmospheric C0₂ and 0₂ by photosynthetic carbon metabolism / 1
QC879.8 .S74 2002eb Human interactions with the carbon cycle : summary of a workshop / 1
QC879.8 .T74 Trends. 1
QC879.8 .V65 2008eb CO₂ rising : the world's greatest environmental challenge / 1
QC879.8 ǂb C373 1979eb Carbon dioxide and climate : a scientific assessment. 1
QC879.85 .A233 2014eb Le méthane : D'où vient-il et quel est son impact sur le climat? / 1
QC879.85 .M48 2010eb Methane and climate change / 1
QC879.85 .M49 2015 Methane emissions from unique wetlands in China : case studies, meta analyses, and modelling / 1
QC879.9.O73 M43 2011eb The mechanisms of atmospheric oxidation of the oxygenates / 1