Call Number (LC) Title Results
QC884 .B87 Climate through the ages; a study of the climatic factors and their variations 1
QC884 .B98 Environment and archeology; an introduction to Pleistocene geography, 1
QC884 .C576 1995 Climate since A.D. 1500 / 1
QC884 .E254 1923 Paläoklimatologie. 1
QC884.2.C5 P48 2012 The whole story of climate : what science reveals about the nature of endless change / 1
QC884.5.E87 Submerged Landscapes of the European Continental Shelf, Volume I : Quaternary Paleoenvironments. 1
QC884.5.O7 B79 2009 Archaeoclimatology atlas of Oregon : the modeled distribution in space and time of the past climates of Oregon / 1
QC884.5.U6 Following the Mississippian spread : climate change and migration in the Eastern US (ca. AD 1000-1600) / 1
QC902.2.G74 C57 2012eb Climate change in the Great Lakes region : navigating an uncertain future / 1
QC902.8 Climate change, natural resources and sustainable environmental management /
Describing Socioeconomic Futures for Climate Change Research and Assessment : Report of a Workshop.
QC902.8-903.2 The Implications of Climate and Sea-Level Change for Bangladesh /
Vital Signs, Volume 20 /
QC902.8 .C5 2011 ebook Climate change education : goals, audiences, and strategies : a workshop summary / 1
QC902.8 .C55 2022 Climate adaptation modelling / 1
QC902.8 .G73 2022eb From big oil to big green : holding the oil industry to account for the climate crisis / 1
QC902.8 .M33 2009eb Uncertainty management in remote sensing of climate data : summary of a workshop / 1
QC902.8 .R384 2013 Weather and Climate Resilience : Effective Preparedness through National Meteorological and Hydrological Services. 1
QC902.8 .S35 2020 Science, faith and the climate crisis / 1
QC902.8 .U74 2017eb The Urgency of Climate Change : Pivotal Perspectives. 1
QC902.9 Climate-challenged society /
Experimenting on a Small Planet : a Scholarly Entertainment.
Handbook of climate services /
QC902.9 .A27 Abrupt Climate Change : Mechanisms, Patterns, and Impacts. 1