Call Number (LC) Title Results
QE734.5 .A73 1996 Dinosaur extinction and the end of an era : what the fossils say / 1
QE734.5.N53 2008 QE734.5 QE924.N53 2008 Plants and the K-T Boundary. 1
QE735 .P36 Animals and plants of the Cenozoic era; some aspects of the faunal and floral history of the last sixty million years 1
QE735 .R67 2006eb The beginning of the age of mammals / 1
QE741 .E53 2007 Encyclopedia of Quaternary science / 1
QE741.2 .P73 2002 Prehistoric America : a journey through the Ice Age and beyond / 1
QE742 Flowers in amber / 1
QE746 .R2 1964 Fossils in America: their nature, origin, identification and classification, and a range guide to collecting sites. 1
QE747.C2 R36 1985 Rancho La Brea : treasures of the tar pits / edited by John M. Harris and George T. Jefferson. 1
QE747.C6 L46 2012eb Saved in time : the fight to establish Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, Colorado / 1
QE747.C6 M49 2003 The fossils of Florissant / 1
QE747.N67 F45 2015eb Paleontology and geology of the Martinsburg, Shawangunk, Onondaga, and Hornerstown formations (northeastern United States) : with some field guides / 1
QE748.B75.L54 1996eb Life in Stone : a Natural History of British Columbia's Fossils. 1
QE752.A1 Horned armadillos and rafting monkeys : the fascinating fossil mammals of South America / 1
QE755.C95 Morava v době ledové : prostředí posledního glaciálu a metody jeho poznávání / 1
QE755.H9 F6913 2013eb Fossils of the Carpathian region / 1
QE756.C6 Ediacaran microfossils from the Doushantuo Formation chert nodules in the Yangtze Gorges area, South China, and new biozones / 1
QE756.I4 Biological consequences of plate tectonics : new perspectives on post-Gondwana break-up : a tribute to Ashok Sahni / 1
QE756.I75.F453 2013eb Invertebrate Paleontology (Mesozoic) of Israel and Adjacent Countries with Emphasis on the Brachiopoda. 1
QE757.A1 T68 African ecology and human evolution, 1