Call Number (LC) Title Results
QH91.3.W53 Ocean Enlightenment A Conversation with Edie Widder. 1
QH91.45 .M67 2019 Becoming a marine biologist / 1
QH91.5 .B3 Collins pocket guide to the sea shore 1
QH91.57.A1 Imaging marine life : macrophotography and microscopy approaches for marine biology / 1
QH91.57 .A1 M36 1983 Serial publications held by the combined libraries of the Marine Biological Laboratory and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution / 1
QH91.57.D7 M47 2013 Methods for the Study of Marine Benthos. 1
QH91.57.M43 I58 2014e Imaging marine life : macrophotography and microscopy approaches for marine biology / 1
QH91.75.A1 A44 2021 Conserving the oceans : the politics of large marine protected areas / 1
QH91.75.A1 M265 2011 Marine protected areas : a multidisciplinary approach / 2
QH91.75.A1 M28 2001eb Marine protected areas : tools for sustaining ocean ecosystems / 1
QH91.75.A1.S63 2004eb Marine Reserves : a Guide to Science, Design, and Use. 1
QH91.75.H8 B69 2013 Contested forms of governance in marine protected areas : a study of co-management and adaptive co-management / 1
QH91.75.U6 Marine protected areas / 1
QH91.8 Nova. 1
QH91.8.B4 B45 Hadal bottom fauna of the world ocean. (Donnaya fauna naibolśhikh glubin (uĺtraabissali) Mirovogo okeana). [By] G. M. Belyaev. Edited by L. A. Zenkevich. Translated from Russian [by A. Mercado] 1
QH91.8.B6 Marine biodiversity and ecosystem functioning : frameworks, methodologies, and integration / 1
QH91.8.B6 B56 2013eb Biodiversité en environnement marin / 1
QH91.8.B6 M37 2005 Marine conservation biology : the science of maintaining the sea's biodiversity / 1
QH91.8.B6M37 2005 Marine Conservation Biology : the Science of Maintaining the Sea's Biodiversity. 1
QH91.8.B63 .B457 2013 Introduction d'espèces Dans les Milieux Aquatiques Faut-Il Avoir Peur des Invasions Biologiques ?. 1