Call Number (LC) Title Results
QL 737 C2 + H31 The dissection of the cat (Felis domestica) A Laboratory manual. 1
QL737.C2 H7 The wild grizzlies of Alaska; a story of the grizzly and big brown bears of Alaska, their habits, manners and characteristics, together with notes on mountain sheep and caribou, collected by the author for the United States biological survey, 1
QL737.C2 L552 1985 The Audubon Society book of wild cats / 1
QL737.C2 N47 2008eb Noninvasive survey methods for carnivores / 1
QL737.C2 O52 Slaughter the animals, poison the earth. 1
QL737.C2p Y9 1946 The puma, mysterious American cat. Part I. History, life habits, economic status, and control, 1
QL737.C2 P36 2004eb People and predators : from conflict to coexistence / 1
QL737.C2 P46 The world of the jaguar. 1
QL737.C2 R3 Anatomy of the cat, 1
QL737.C2 S63 2023 Social strategies of carnivorous mammalian predators hunting and surviving as families / 1
QL737.C2 .S874 2017 Encore carnivores demain? : Quand manger des animaux pose question au quotidien. 1
QL737.C2 S92 Carnivorous mammals of Siberia 1
QL 737 C2 + W6 1941 Mammalian structure; atlas and laboratory manual of cat anatomy. 1
QL737.C214 G524 2004eb Giant pandas : biology and conservation / 1
QL737.C22 In wolf country : the power and politics of reintroduction /
Wolves, Courts, and Public Policy : the Children of the Night Return to the Northern Rocky Mountains.
Wolves and dogs : between myth and science /
QL737.C22 A44 2020 Takaya : lone wolf / 1
QL737.C22 A93 2010eb Awakening spirits : wolves in the southern Rockies / 1
QL737.C22 B43 2013 The secret world of red wolves : the fight to save North America's other wolf / 1
QL737.C22 B47 1981 L'homme et le loup / 1
QL737.C22 B53 2004 The biology and conservation of wild canids / 1