Call Number (LC) Title Results
QL125 .K36 1982 A field guide to coral reefs: of Caribbean and Florida / 1
QL128 .A25 1865 Seaside studies in natural history / 1
QL128 .L7 1817 Report of a committee of the Linnæan society of New England, relative to a large marine animal, supposed to be a serpent, seen near Cape Ann, Massachusetts, in August 1817. 1
QL128 .P85 2005 A field guide to North Atlantic wildlife : marine mammals, seabirds, fish, and other sea life / 1
QL128 .T68 2000 Guide to the offshore wildlife of the northern Atlantic / 1
QL138 .R5 1968 Between Pacific tides 1
QL139 .G79 The biology of estuarine animals 1
QL141 .D48 1982 Developmental biology of freshwater invertebrates / 1
QL141 .P45 1989 Fresh-water invertebrates of the United States : protozoa to mollusca / 1
QL141 .P63 Pollution ecology of freshwater invertebrates. 1
QL151 .C71 Complete field guide to American wildlife: covering all species of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, food and game fishes, seashells, and the principal marine invertebrates occurring annually in North America east of the Rockies and north of the 37th parallel, and including 877 species found also in the Far West and Deep South / 1
QL151 .E36 1991 Ecology and classification of North American freshwater invertebrates / 1
QL151 .L46 North American game birds and mammals / 1
QL151 .M44 1981 The Audubon Society field guide to North American seashore creatures / 1
QL155 .A5 1987 Observing marine invertebrates : drawings from the laboratory / 1
QL155 .H85 Hand book for the curious, 1
QL155 .L66 1998 Apologia / 1
QL183 .A1 1839 v.1 Reports on the fishes, reptiles and birds of Massachusetts / 1
QL183 .A1 1839 v.2 Reports on the herbaceous plants and on the quadrupeds of Massachusetts : published agreeably to an order of the Legislature by the Commissioners on the Zoological and Botanical Survey of the State. 1
QL183 .A1 1839 v.3 Report on the Invertebrata of Massachusetts : comprising the Mollusca, Crustacea, Annelida, and Radiata / 1