Call Number (LC) Title Results
QL785.27 .S45 2000 The smile of a dolphin : remarkable accounts of animal emotions / 1
QL785.27 .W33 2019 Mama's last hug : animal emotions and what they tell us about ourselves / 1
QL785.3 .L87 2011eb Mindreading animals : the debate over what animals know about other minds / 1
QL785.5.A5 C51 The world of ants; a science-fiction universe. 1
QL785.5.B2 M29 The soul of the ape. 1
QL785.5.D65 L72 The mind of the dolphin; a nonhuman intelligence 1
QL785.5.I45 E92 Life on a little-known planet. 1
QL785.5.M3 F5313 1972 Smarter than man? Intelligence in whales, dolphins, and humans, 1
QL785.5.P9 C67 Cognitive processes of nonhuman primates. 1
QL785.5 .P9 J42 Primates; studies in adaptation and variability. 1
QL785.5.P9 K85 Primate societies; group techniques of ecological adaptation. 1
QL785.5.P9 M87 Primate ethology. 1
QL785.5.P9 P95 Primate behavior. 1
QL791 .B26 2010 Second nature : the inner lives of animals / 1
QL791 .G65 Illustrative anecdotes of the animal kingdom / 1
QL791 .R64 2013eb The kindred of the wild : a book of animal life / 1
QL791 S4am 1963 Ernest Thompson Seton's America. 1
QL791 .S61152 2004eb How the earthquake bird got its name and other tales of an unbalanced nature / 1
QL793 .A38 2011eb The afterlives of animals : a museum menagerie / 1
QL795.B4 Nature. 4