Call Number (LC) Title Results
QL812 .R8 1957 Dissection guides. 1
QL812 .W32 1965 Vertebrate dissection 1
QL812 .W32 1975 Vertebrate dissection 1
QL812 .W4 1961 Representative chordates: a manal of comparative anatomy. 1
QL812 .W77 1979 Atlas and dissection guide for comparative anatomy / 1
QL813.M55 G8 1982 Histological atlas of the laboratory mouse / 1
QL821 .G12 1933 The evolution of the vertebral column: a contribution to the study of vertebrate phylogeny, 1
QL822 .D35 1985 The development of the vertebrate skull / 1
QL822 .M89 1987 Morphogenesis of the mammalian skull / 1
QL831 .D7 Myographiæ comparatæ specimen: : or, a comparative description of all the muscles in a man, and in a quadrupede: ... To which is added an account of the muscles peculiar to a woman. With an etymological table, and several useful indexes. By James Douglas, M.D. 1
QL881 .M67 Comparative morphology of the mammalian ovary 1
QL 925 + A6 The comparative anatomy of the nervous system of vertebrates, including man, 1
QL925 .A69 1929 The evolution of the nervous system in invertebrates, vertebrates and man, 1
QL 925 + B93 1965 Structure and function in the nervous systems of invertebrates 1
QL933 .B27 2011 Beyond the brain : how body and environment shape animal and human minds / 1
QL937 .A83 1990 Atlas of the developing rat brain / 1
QL937 .P45 1979 A stereotaxic atlas of the rat brain / 1
QL937 .R33 1985 The Rat nervous system / 1
QL937 .S34 1991 Atlas of the prenatal mouse brain / 1
QL938.L55 H35 Basic limbic system anatomy of the rat / 1