Call Number (LC) Title Results
RA393 .R46 2008eb Rethinking professional governance : international directions in healthcare / 1
RA393 .R59 Comparative national policies on health care / 1
RA393 .R84 1996 Realignments in the welfare state : health policy in the United States, Britain, and Canada / 1
RA393 .S33 2007eb Scaling up health service delivery : from pilot innovations to policies and programmes / 1
RA393 .S354 2020 Das Rettungswesen der ehemaligen DDR. Betrachtung eines vergangenen Systems sowie dessen Übergang in das System der BRD 1
RA393 .U53 2019 Underserved and socially disadvantaged groups and linkages with health and health care differentials / 1
RA393 .W384 2012 Better health in harder times : active citizens and innovation on the frontline / 1
RA393 .Z355 2012eb Základní pojmy praktického a posudkového lékařství / 1
RA394 Markets and Medicine : the Politics of Health Care Reform in Britain, Germany, and the United States.
Medical entrepreneurship : trends and prospects in the digital age /
Challenges of healthcare systems in the era of COVID-19 : management practices, services innovation and reforms /
Ethical public health policy within pandemics : theory and practice in ethical pandemic administration /
Integrating science and politics for public health /
Improving health care in low- and middle-income countries : a case book /
RA394 .B45 2010 Research for health policy / 1
RA394.B46 2011 Private Health Sector Assessment in Ghana. 1
RA394 .C665 2009 Conflict of interest in medical research, education, and practice / 1
RA394 .D27 2008 Just health : meeting health needs fairly / 1
RA394 .D27 2008 RA394.D27 2008 Just Health : Meeting Health Needs Fairly. 1
RA394 .D27 2008eb Just health : meeting health needs fairly / 1
RA394 .H4145 2002eb Health care reform around the world / 1
RA394 .H416 1996eb Health care systems in liberal democracies / 1
RA394 .H43 2016 Healthcare information management systems : cases, strategies, and solutions / 1
RA394 .H64 1999 Patients, power & politics : from patients to citizens / 1
RA394 .I47 2013eb Improving patient care : the implementation of change in health care / 1