Call Number (LC) Title Results
RA425 .S28 2021 Introduction to public health / 1
RA425 .S286 2017 Key policies for addressing the social determinants of health and health inequities / 1
RA425 .S36 2022 The sanitation triangle : socio-culture, health and materials / 1
RA425 .Y68 2005eb Population health : concepts and methods / 1
RA425.5.A84 A2 2020 Practising public health : an eyewitness account / 1
RA427 Affirmative Action in Medicine : Improving Health Care for Everyone.
Health and Medicine.
Primary care and public health : exploring integration to improve population health /
Philosophy for public health and public policy : beyond the neglectful state /
The health of populations : general theories and particular realities /
Social marketing research for global public health : methods and technologies /
Role and potential of communities in population health improvement : workshop summary /
Climate change and public health /
Precision community health : four innovations for well-being /
The five health frontiers a new radical blueprint.
Health literacy in nursing : providing person-centered care /
Advances in health care organization theory /
Rural landscapes of community health : the Community Health Assessment Sustainable Education (CHASE) model in action /
Migration, health and inequality /
Sharing research data to improve public health in Africa : a workshop summary /
Promoting the health of the community : community health workers describing their roles, competencies, and practice /
Sex- and gender-based analysis in public health /
Disease prevention and health promotion in developing countries /
Novel innovation design for the future of health : entrepreneurial concepts for patient empowerment and health democratization /
RA427 .A87 2011eb Assessing evidence to improve population health and wellbeing / 1
RA427 .B58 2021 GeoComputation and public health : a spatial approach / 1
RA427 .B87 2010eb The bottom line or public health : tactics corporations use to influence health and health policy, and what we can do to counter them / 1
RA427 .C4815 2020 Precision community health : four innovations for well-being / 1
RA427 .C613 2015eb Community-oriented health services : practices across disciplines / 1
RA427 .C6165 2015eb Community health narratives : a reader / 1
RA427 .C619 1986 Concepts of health, illness, and disease : a comparative perspective / 1
RA427 .C634 2021 Community, urban health and environment in the late medieval Low Countries / 1
RA427 .C66 2013 Community engagement, organization, and development for public health practice / 1
RA427 .D57 2011 Dirt : the filthy reality of everyday life / 1
RA427 .E954 2003 Evidence-based public health / 1
RA427 .E954 2011 Evidence-based public health / 1
RA427 .G73 2018 Implementing quality measures for accountability in community-based care for people with serious illness : proceedings of a workshop / 1
RA427.H36 2000eb La medición del estado de la salud : Género, carga de morbilidad y establecimiento de prioridades en el sector salud. 1