Call Number (LC) Title Results
RA427.3 .R58 1997eb Risk versus risk : tradeoffs in protecting health and the environment / 1
RA427.3 .T56 2005eb Risk and Risk Taking in Health and Social Welfare. 1
RA427.3.V37 1990eb Valuing Health Risks, Costs, and Benefits for Environmental Decision Making : Report of a Conference. 1
RA427.3 .V56 1998eb Rational risk policy : the 1996 Arne Ryde memorial lectures / 1
RA427.5 .C38 2012 Seeking sickness : medical screening and the misguided hunt for disease / 1
RA427.5 .D47 2006 Determining the global health impact of improved diagnostic technologies for the developing world. 1
RA427.5 .P79 1995eb RA427.5.P79 1995 Psychosocial Effects of Screening for Disease Prevention and Detection. 1
RA427.5 .R34 2007 Screening : evidence and practice / 1
RA427.8 Promocin de la salud : Cmo construir vida saludable.
Promoting Health in Schools : a Practical Guide for Teachers and School Nurses Working with Children Aged 3 to 11.
Food and health in early modern Europe : diet, medicine and society, 1450-1800 /
The role of emotions in preventative health communication /
Health promotion for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities /
Handbook of Food Fortification and Health : From Concepts to Public Health Applications Volume 1.
Ensuring a Sustainable Future : Making Progress on Environment and Equity.
Health communication for health care professionals : an applied approach /
Cultural sensibility in healthcare : a personal & professional guidebook /
The Palgrave handbook of social theory in health, illness, and medicine /
Comunicación y Promoción de la Salud en la Era Digital
The Pocket Guide To Health Promotion.
Health promotion in health care - vital theories and research /
Arts and health promotion : tools and bridges for practice, research, and social transformation /
Why we are losing the war on gun violence in the United States /
Handbook of settings-based health promotion /
Global handbook of health promotion research.
International handbook of teaching and learning in health promotion : practices and reflections from around the world /
The politics of health promotion in the European Union /
Personalised health care : fostering precision medicine advancements for gaining population health impact /
Health promotion and the policy process /
Next in line : lowered care expectations in the age of retail- and value-based health /
RA427.8 .A34 2018eb Affective determinants of health behavior / 1
RA427.8 A947 2016 How to facilitate lifestyle change : applying group education in healthcare / 1
RA427.8 .B38 2019 Governing for health : advancing health and equity through policy and advocacy / 1
RA427.8 .B48 2023 Be the change : putting health advocacy, policy, and community organization into practice in public health education / 1
RA427.8 .B83 2000 An ethic for health promotion : rethinking the sources of human well-being / 1
RA427.8 .B85 2012eb Building Community Capacity : Minority and Immigrant Populations / 1
RA427.8 .C454 2017 Člověk Ve Zdraví I V Nemoci. Podpora Zdraví a Prevence Nemocí Ve Stáří 1
RA427.8 .C622 2009 Clearing the global health fog : a systematic review of the evidence on integration of health systems and targeted interventions / 1
RA427.8 .C85 2005 Culture, Entertainment and Health Promotion in Africa. 1
RA427.8 .C85 2008 Culture, Performance and Identity : Paths of Communication in Kenya. 1
RA427.8 .D475 2021 Designing Evidence-Based Public Health and Prevention Programs Expert Program Developers Explain the Science and Art. 1