Call Number (LC) Title Results
RA448.4 .E83 Ethnicity and medical care / 1
RA448.4 .H39 2014eb Health and wellness concerns for racial, ethnic, and sexual minorities / 1
RA448.4 .M38 2015 Just medicine : a cure for racial inequality in American health care / 1
RA448.4 .M65 2006eb Fit to be citizens? : public health and race in Los Angeles, 1879-1939 / 1
RA448.4 .S43 2020 Necessary conversations : understanding racism as a barrier to achieving health equity / 1
RA448.4 .S54 Ethnic groups of America: their morbidity, mortality, and behavior disorders, 1
RA448.4 .U52 2004eb Understanding racial and ethnic differences in health in late life : a research agenda / 1
RA448.4 .W67 2003b Worlds apart / 1
RA448.5.A73 H65 2006b Hold your breath / 1
RA448.5.A83 Asian immigrants in North America with HIV/AIDS : stigma, vulnerabilities and human rights / 1
RA448.5.A83 H43 2003 Healing by heart : clinical and ethical case stories of Hmong families and Western providers / 1
RA448.5.B53 Black men's health : a strengths-based approach through a social justice lens for helping professions / 1
RA448.5.B53 R39 2023eb Black health : the social, political, and cultural determinants of Black people's health / 1
RA448.5.B53 W55 2020 Blacks in medicine : clinical, demographic, and socioeconomic correlations / 1
RA448.5.C45 G86 2000eb Ginseng and Aspirin : Health Care Alternatives for Aging Chinese in New York / 1
RA448.5.H57 Health Issues in Latino Males : a Social and Structural Approach. 1
RA448.5.H57 E46 2002eb Emerging issues in Hispanic health : summary of a workshop / 1
RA448.5.H57 N49 2020 New and emerging issues in Latinx health / 1
RA448.5.I44 Bridging the gap : how community health workers promote the health of immigrants / 1
RA448.5.I44 K73 1994 Silent travelers : germs, genes, and the "immigrant menace" / 1