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Shelved By Journal Title Zolpidem "as needed" : a new treatment paradigm : 15th European Sleep Research Society Congress : 12-16 September 2000, Istanbul, Turkey. 1
Shelved by Journal Title Quantum algebras and Poisson geometry in mathematical physics /
Sinai's Moscow seminar on dynamical systems /
Archaea : ancient microbes, extreme environments, and the origin of life /
Pseudoperiodic topology /
Partial differential equations : Mark Vishik's seminar /
Cancer outcomes research : the arenas of application /
Lipids /
Three papers on algebras and their representations /
Microtubules, in vitro /
On Dobrushin's way : from probability theory to statistical physics /
Dynamic plasma membranes : portals between cells and physiology /
Computational modeling of membrane bilayers /
Advances in adrenergic receptor biology /
Selected papers on analysis and differential equations /
Digital microscopy : a second edition of video microscopy /
Selected papers on analysis, probability, and statistics /
Selected papers on number theory and algebraic geometry /
Planar cell polarity during development /
Laser manipulation of cells and tissues /
Problems of reducing the exhaustive search /
Spectral theory of operators : [proceedings of the] Fourteenth School on Operators in Functional Spaces, Novgorod State Pedagogical Institute, 1989 /
Laboratory methods in cell biology : imaging /
Proceedings of the First International Conference on Recent Advances and Future Directions in Endocrine Therapy for Breast Cancer /
Amiloride-sensitive sodium channels : physiology and functional diversity /
Stem cell culture /
Selected papers on analysis and differential equations.
Notch signaling /
Cilia : structure and motility /
Centrosomes and spindle pole bodies /
Asymptotic methods for wave and quantum problems /
Ciliary function in mammalian development /
Microbial imaging /
Estrogens as endogenous carcinogens in the breast and prostate :b [a symposium held at Westfields International Conference Center, Chantilly Virginia, March 15-17, 1998].
Lie groups and lie algebras : E.B. Dynkin's seminar /
Moscow seminar on mathematical physics, II /
Microtubules : in vivo /
Caenorhabditis elegans : molecular genetics and development /
In vivo cellular and molecular imaging /
Immunology of infection /
Proceedings of the St. Petersburg Mathematical Society.
Selected papers on harmonic analysis, groups, and invariants /
Ordered sets and lattices II /
Operator theory and its applications : in memory of V. B. Lidskii (1924-2008) /
Mitochondria /
Quantitative imaging in cell biology /
Moscow seminar in mathematical physics /
Biomedical ethics and the shadow of Nazism : a conference on the proper use of the Nazi analogy in ethical debate, April 8, 1976 /
Solitons, geometry, and topology : on the crossroad /
Metal transporters /
The National Institutes of Health State-of-the-Science Conference on Symptom Management in Cancer: Pain, Depression, and Fatigue, Bethesda, Maryland, July 15-17, 2002 /
National Institutes of Health Consensus Development Conference : adjuvant therapy for breast cancer /
Correlative light and electron microscopy II /
Free radical effects on membranes /
Selected papers in K-theory.
Essays on developmental biology.
Contemporary mathematical physics : F. A. Berezin memorial volume /
Stem cells in development and disease /
Cellular adhesion in development and disease /
Endocrine gland development and disease /
Health care systems as research platforms : the Cancer Research Network /
First Siberian Winter School "Algebra and Analysis" : proceedings of the First Siberian School, Kemerovo State University, Kemerovo, 1988 /
Biophysical tools for biologists.
Singularity theory and some problems of functional analysis /
Birds and climate change /
Leukocyte adhesion /
Laboratory methods in cell biology : biochemistry and cell culture /
Fluorescent proteins /
Litter decomposition : a guide to carbon and nutrient turnover /
Future directions in epidemiologic and preventive research on human papillomaviruses and cancer : based on a workshop held in Bethesda, Maryland, June 2002 /
Voronezh Winter Mathematical Schools : dedicated to Selim Krein /
Animal metamorphosis /
Chemokines, chemokine receptors, and disease /
Molecular cellular microbiology /
Topics in quantum groups and finite-type invariants : mathematics at the Independent University of Moscow /
Lie groups and symmetric spaces : in memory of F.I. Karpelevich /
Differential and symplectic topology of knots and curves /
Dynamical systems in classical mechanics /
Tissue remodeling and epithelial morphogenesis /
Primary cilia /
bHLH transcription factors in development and disease /
Cell biological applications of confocal microscopy /
Mitochondria /
Spectral theory and differential equations : V.A. Marchenko's 90th anniversary collection /
Geometry, topology, and mathematical physics : S. P. Novikov's seminar, 2006-2007 /
Neurons : methods and applications for the cell biologist /
The zebrafish : cellular and developmental biology.
Circadian rhythms and biological clocks.
Bacterial genetic systems /
The eye's aqueous humor /
Myogenesis /
The zebrafish : genetics, genomics and informatics /
Apoptosis and development /
Basement membranes /
Spectral theory of differential operators : M. Sh. Birman 80th anniversary collection /
Marine microbiology /
Geometry of differential equations /
The Zebrafish : genetics, genomics, and informatics /
Circadian rhythms /
Advances in heterocyclic natural product synthesis.
The maternal-to-zygotic transition /
The zebrafish : genetics, genomics, and transcriptomics/
Neural crest and placodes /
Centrosome & centriole /
First National AIDS Malignancy Conference : proceedings of a conference held at the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, April 28-30, 1997 /
Selected papers on analysis and related topics.
Sick building syndrome /
Recent advances in cytometry. Advances in applications /
Kirillov's seminar on representation theory /
Integrating economic analysis into cancer clinical trials : the National Cancer Institute - American Society of Clinical Oncology economics workbook /
Methods in cell-matrix adhesion /
Transcriptional switches during development /
Second Siberian Winter School "Algebra and Analysis" : proceedings of the Second Siberian School, Tomsk State University, Tomsk, 1989 /
Geometry, topology, and mathematical physics : S.P. Novikov's seminar, 2002-2003 /
Gametogenesis /
The interplay between differential geometry and differential equations /
Evolution and development /
MicroRNAs in development /
Methods in nano cell biology /
Methods in cell biology. Cumulative index : volumes 53-71 /
Multiscale modeling of developmental systems /
Biophysical methods in cell biology /
Extremophiles /
Digital microscopy /
Mouse models of developmental genetic disease /
Thirteen papers in algebra, functional analysis, topology, and probability, translated from the Russian /
Caenorhabditis elegans : cell biology and physiology /
Avian embryology /
Recent advances in cytometry.
Topics in singularity theory : V.I. Arnold's 60th anniversary collection /
Wave propagation : scattering theory /
Red cell development /
Sorting and Recycling Endosomes /
The mitochondrion in the germline and early development /
Selected papers on differential equations and analysis.
Lysosomes and lysosomal diseases /
Representation theory, dynamical systems, and asymptotic combinatorics /
Mammalian Preimplantation Development /
Coherent transform, quantization and Poisson geometry /
The Zebrafish : cellular and developmental biology.
Claudins /
Cancer and development /
Methods of qualitative theory of differential equations and related topics supplement /
Basement membranes : cell and molecular biology /
Northern Californa symplectic geometry seminar /
Septins /
Cancer risk communication : what we know and what we need to learn /
Advances in mathematical analysis of partial differential equations /
Thermal sensors /
Analytic methods in applied probability : in memory of Fridrikh Karpelevich /
Selected papers on probability and statistics.
Introduction to electron microscopy for biologists /
Nuclear pore complexes and nucleocytoplasmic transport : methods /
Quality of life assessment in symptom management trials.
Cilia : model organisms and intraflagellar transport /
Mathematics in St. Petersburg /
Methods of qualitative theory of differential equations and related topics /
Nonlinear equations and spectral theory /
Cellular electron microscopy /
Lie groups and invariant theory /
Mechanisms of regeneration /
Functional microbial genomics /
The impact of mammography and adjuvant therapy on U.S. breast cancer mortality (1975-2000) : collective results from the Cancer Intervention and Surveillance Modeling Network /
Nonlinear waves and weak turbulence /
Neural development /
Organogenesis in development /
Topics in statistical and theoretical physics : F.A. Berezin memorial volume /
Topology of real algebraic varieties and related topics /
Selected topics in discrete mathematics : proceedings of the Moscow Discrete Mathematics Seminar, 1972-1990 /
Epigenetics and development /
The brain : a look inside.
Calcium in living cells /
Topics in topology and mathematical physics /
Store-operated calcium channels /
Hematopoiesis /
Third National AIDS Malignancy Conference : proceedings of a conference held at the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, May 26-27, 1999 /
Microbial synthetic biology /
Current and emerging technologies for the diagnosis of microbial infections /
Nonlinear evolution equations /
Floods in an arid continent /
Differential topology, infinite-dimensional lie algebras, and applications : D.B. Fuchs' 60th anniversary collection /
Parenthood after cancer : today's options and tomorrow's hopes.
Receptor-receptor interactions /
Methods in cilia & flagella /
Membrane protein crystallization /
Co-transport systems /
Third Siberian Winter School "Algebra and Analysis" : proceedings of the Third Siberian School, Irkutsk State University, Irkutsk, 1989 /
Developmental timing /
Correlative light and electron microscopy /
Micropatterning in cell biology.
Membrane fusion /
Differential operators and spectral theory : M. Sh. Birman's 70th anniversary collection /
Topology, geometry, integrable systems, and mathematical physics : Novikov's seminar, 2012-2014 /
Hox genes /
Topology, ergodic theory, real algebraic geometry : Rokhlin's memorial /
Tetrahymena thermophila /
Selected papers on classical analysis /
Structure and function of calcium release channels /
Atomic force microscopy in cell biology /
Developmental vascular biology /
Explaining the kindness of strangers : why we help.
Electron microscopy of model systems /
Applied problems of radon transform /
Environmental microbiology /
Development of sea urchins, ascidians, and other invertebrate deuterostomes: experimental approaches /
Mouse models of the nuclear envelopathies and related diseases /
Invertebrate and vertebrate eye development /
Provability, complexity, grammars /
Model theory and applications.
Computational methods in cell biology /
Linear and complex analysis : dedicated to V.P. Havin on the occasion of his 75th birthday /
Nonlinear partial differential equations and related topics : dedicated to Nina N. Uraltseva /
Some questions of differential geometry in the large /
Yeast gene analysis /
Exchangers /
Taxonomy of Prokaryotes /
G Protein-Coupled Receptors : Signaling, Trafficking and Regulation /
Mucosal injury in cancer patients : new strategies for research and treatment : proceedings of a multidisciplinary conference held in Bethesda, Maryland May 24-25, 2000 /
Methods for analysis of Golgi complex function /
Cytometry : new developments /
Apoptosis /
Gap junctions : molecular basis of cell communication in health and disease /
Genes and evolution /
Cilia : motors and regulation /
Development of neural circuitry /
Selected papers on number theory, algebraic geometry, and differential geometry /
New approaches to prokaryotic systematics /
Extracellular nucleotides and nucleosides : release, receptors, and physiological and pathophysiological effects /
Sex determination and sexual development /
Functional organization of vertebrate plasma membrane /
Na channels from phyla to function /
The neuronal cytoskeleton, motor proteins, and organelle trafficking in the axon /
Craniofacial development /
Plant development /
Nuclear mechanics & genome regulation /
Systems biology of bacteria /
Cell mechanics /
Concerning the Hilbert 16th problem /
Development of auditory and vestibular systems 3 : molecular development of the inner ear /
Growth factors in development /
Heart development /
Lipid droplets /
The zebrafish : disease models and chemical screens /
Intermediate filament cytoskeleton /
Lipid domains /
Building a cell from its component parts /
The Zebrafish : cellular and developmental biology /
Methods in cell biology.
L. D. Faddeev's seminar on mathematical physics /
Shelved by title Current topics in cellular regulation.
Advances in atomic and molecular physics.
Shelved by Title Advances in physical organic chemistry.
Progress in nucleic acid research and molecular biology.
Advances in drug research.
Amino-acids, peptides, and proteins.
Advances in the study of behavior.
Current topics in developmental biology.
Annual review of cell biology.
Publications mathématiques.
Amino acids, peptides, and proteins.
Annual review of gerontology & geriatrics.
Oceanography and marine biology.
Annual review of biophysics and biomolecular structure.
Annual review of biophysics.
Annual review of cell and developmental biology.
Advances in insect physiology.
Methods in enzymology.
Annual review of biophysics and biophysical chemistry.
Current topics in membranes and transport.
Annual review of genomics and human genetics.
Advances in atomic, molecular, and optical physics.
Annual reports on NMR spectroscopy.
Advances in microbial physiology.
Annual review of biophysics and bioengineering.
Advances in carbohydrate chemistry and biochemistry.
Topics in stereochemistry.
Annual review of physiology.
Progress in molecular biology and translational science.
Advances in ecological research.
Current topics in membranes.
Advances in photochemistry.
Annual review of plant biology.
Amino acids and peptides.
Exposés /
The international review of cell and molecular biology.
Annual review of energy and the environment /
Organometallic chemistry.
Annual review of pharmacology and toxicology.
Transactions of the ... North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference.
SI 8.2:EX 8/2 Extension programs catalogue / 1
Silva Classics SILKD 6003 African Sanctus ; Dona nobis pacem : a hymn for world peace / 1
Simax PSC 1042 The Crown Princess Sonja International Music Competition, piano : Oslo, Norway, August 11-19, 1988. 1
Simax PSC 3116 Violin concerto, op. 37 ; Epithalamion : op. 19 ; An die Hoffnung : op. 18, no. 2 ; Piano concerto, op. 44 ; Piano trio, op. 5 ; Serenade for wind quintet, op. 13 / 1
SK14 .H86 2010 Hunting : philosophy for everyone : in search of the wild life / 1
SK14.3 .H875 1996 A hunter's heart : honest essays on blood sport / 1
SK14.3 .H88 2008 Hunting / 1
SK17 The Last of the Market Hunters. 1
SK17.C64 A3 2016 Peregrine spring. 1
SK17.S28 San Antonio man tells tall tale / 1
SK21 .A45 2006eb The royal hunt in Eurasian history / 1
SK21 .B55 1972 Hunting weapons, 1
SK21 .H6 Fair game : a history of hunting, shooting, and animal conservation / 1
SK25 .G78 1596a Hawking, hunting, fouling, and fishing, with the true measures of blowing. 1
SK31 .O77 Meditations on hunting. 1
SK33 .B53 2023 Trophy hunting / 1