Call Number (LC) Title Results
UB342.U5 L53 2002eb Liberty and conscience : a documentary history of the experiences of conscientious objectors in America through the Civil War / 1
UB342.U5 M66 1993 Plowing my own furrow / 1
UB342.U5 P77 When can I come home? A debate on amnesty for exiles, antiwar prisoners, and others. 1
UB342.U5 S5 1952 Conscription of conscience; the American state and the conscientious objector, 1940-1947, 1
UB342.U5 T45 Is conscience a crime? 1
UB342.U5 W82 Advice for conscientious objectors in the armed forces. 1
UB342.U5 W94 1961 Conscientious objectors in the Civil War. 1
UB343 +A3213 Backgrounds of selective service. 1
UB343 .A4 1982 The U.S. armed forces, conscript or volunteer? : proceedings of the twenty-fourth Air Force Academy Assembly, 9-13 March 1982 / 1
UB343 .A527 The report of the President's Commission on an All-Volunteer Armed Force. 1
UB343 .A57 Report. 1
UB343 .A7 Selective Service and military compensation. Hearings, Ninety-second Congress, first session ... 1
UB343 .B62 Face to face with your draft board; a guide to personal appearances. 1
UB343 .C5 1947 The effort for a national service law in World War II, 1942-1945; report to the National Council of the Citizens Committee for a National War Service Act, 1
UB343 .C564 1986 The first peacetime draft / 1
UB343 .D26 Little groups of neighbors; the Selective Service System 1
UB343 .D8 1946 The legislative and statutory development of the federal concept of conscription for military service, 1
UB343 .F91 The draft? A report prepared for the Peace Education Division of the American Friends Service Committee. 1
UB343 .J6 1941 Compulsory military training, 1
UB 343 J6p 1945 Peacetime conscription, 1