Call Number (LC) Title Results
Z232.B63 T78 The House of Blackwood, 1804-1954 ; the histoy of a publishing firm. 1
Z232.B79 An early London printing house at work : studies in the Bowyer ledgers : with a supplement to the Bowyer ornament stock (1973), an appendix on the Bowyer-Emonson partnership, and Bowyer's Paper stock ledger, by Herbert Davis / 1
Z232 .C17 1934Y Four centuries of printing : an exhibition of books printed at the University Press, Cambridge, England, 1534-1934. 1
Z232 .C17 C17 A list of books printed in Cambridge at the University Press, 1521-1800. 1
Z232.C17 W7 1945 The Cambridge press, 1638-1692; a reëxamination of the evidence concerning the Bay Psalm book and the Eliot Indian Bible as well as other contemporary books and people. 1
Z232.C3 A9 1926 Caxton, mirrour of fifteenth-century letters : a study of the literature of the first English press / 1
Z232.C3 A9 1965 Caxton, mirrour of fifteenth-century letters; a study of the literature of the first English press. 1
Z232.C3 B63 The life and typography of William Caxton, England's first printer, with evidence of his typographical connection with Colard Mansion, the printer at Bruges. 1
Z232.C3 B636 Caxton and his world 1
Z232.C3 P7 William Caxton, 1424-1491 / 1
Z232.C36 H2 1878 The life and times of James Catnach, (late of Seven Dials), ballad monger. 1
Z232.C38 K88 2008eb Symbolic Caxton : literary culture and print capitalism / 1
Z232.C783 S6 The book of Oz Cooper; an appreciation of Oswald Bruce Cooper, with characteristic examples of his art in lettering, type designing & such of his writings as reveal the Cooperian typographic gospel. 1
Z232 .C96 A broadside. 1
Z232.C962 L49 1994 The Yeats sisters and the Cuala / 1
Z232 .D7 D7 The Country Life Press, Garden City, New York. 1
Z232.E8 +A7 1954 Robert Estienne, royal printer; an historical study of the elder Stephanus. 1
Z232.F7 G8 John Foster, the earliest American engraver and the first Boston printer, 1
Z232.F8 A73 1999 Benjamin Franklin's first government printing : the Pennsylvania General Loan Office mortgage register of 1729 and subsequent Franklin mortgage registers and bonds / 1
Z232.F8 F83 2006eb Benjamin Franklin's printing network : disseminating virtue in early America / 1