Call Number (LC) Title Results
Z250 .E599 1930 A selection of types from six centuries in use at the office of Joh. Enschedé en Zonen at Haarlem, Holland. 1
Z250 +G65 1982 A constructed Roman alphabet : a geometric analysis of the Greek and Roman capitals and of the Arabic numerals / 1
Z250 .H67 Printing types : and how to use them / 1
Z250 +J6 Historic design in printing; reproductions of book covers, borders, initials, decorations, printers' marks and devices comprising reference material for the designer, printer, advertiser and publisher; 1
Z250 +J73 Biblio-typographica, a survey of contemporary fine printing style, 1
Z250 .L7 The J. J. Little book of types, specimen pages and book papers, with suggestions on book making and a glossary of printing and binding terms, 1
Z250 .L8518 Type and lettering for typographers, letterers, designers; 350 selected styles. 1
Z250 .M8 1960 Four centuries of fine printing; one hundred and ninety-two facsimiles of pages from books printed at presses established between 1465 and 1924. 1
Z250 .T935 2018 Type Matters : the Rhetoricity of Letterforms. 1
Z250 .T97 2010eb Typolyrics : the sound of fonts / 1
Z250 .T985 2012eb Typography, referenced : a comprehensive visual guide to the language, history, and practice of typography / 1
Z250 .U6 Printing types, their history, forms, and use; a study in survivals, 1
Z250 .U6 1937 Printing types; their history, forms, and use; a study in survivals, 1
Z250 +V115 1974 The type specimen book; 544 different typefaces with over 3000 sizes shown in complete alphabets. 1
Z250 .Z325 Manuale typographicum. 1
Z250 .Z325 1954b Manuale typographicum / 1
Z250.5.C44 The Centaur Types. 1
Z250.5.S4 E5 Spécimen des lettres franc̦oises dites caractères de civilité des XVime et XVIime siècles dans la collection typographique de Joh. Enschedé en zonen. 1
Z250.5.S4 M8 Caractères de l'écriture dans la typographie; étude historique 1
Z250.5 .S4 S7 1947 Calligraphy's flowering, decay & restauration : with hints for its wider use today / 1