Liberty, order & law under native Irish rule; a study in the book of the Ancient laws of Ireland, by Sophie Bryant.

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Main Author: Bryant, Sophie Willock, 1850-1922.
Corporate Author: Ireland. Commissioners for Publishing the Ancient Laws and Institutes of Ireland. Ancient laws of Ireland.
Format: Book
Published: London, Harding & More, ltd., 1923.
Holy Cross Note:2nd ed.
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090 |a JN1405 .B9 3 
100 1 |a Bryant, Sophie Willock,  |d 1850-1922. 
245 1 0 |a Liberty, order & law under native Irish rule;  |b a study in the book of the Ancient laws of Ireland,  |c by Sophie Bryant. 
260 |a London,  |b Harding & More, ltd.,  |c 1923. 
300 |a 5 p. ℓ., vii-xxiii, 398, [1] p.  |c 24 cm. 
500 |a Title and text on page preceding title within ornamental (Irish) border; printers' mark on t.-p.; initials with ornamental (Irish) design. 
500 |a "Glossary ... taken from the glossary to the Brehon laws, compiled by Dr. Robert Atkinson...and issued in 1901 as the sixth volume of the Ancient laws of Ireland" : p. 383-389. 
504 |a Bibliography: p. xxiii. 
505 0 |a Patrick and the revision of the ancient Irish law.-Introduction to the Senchus mor.-Cain Patrick: the law of fosterage.-Cain Patrick: the law of lord and tenant.-Cain Patrick: the law of social connections.-Corus bescna. The secular law of social obligations.-Corus eaglasta; Patrick's ecclesiastical policy.-The organisation of the kindred in the geilfine system.-Developments arising out of the insitiution of the composite family.-Rank, duty, and privilege in ancient Irish society.-The law of torts as criminal law.-The law of torts as civil law.-Administration of the law of torts by distraint.-The law of sick mainenance.-Of taking lawful possession of land.-Rights of women as owners of property.-On the incidence of fines under the law of torts.-The law as schoolmaster.-Appendices: Concerning editorial notes on critical historical points. 
500 |a The place where the Senchus mor was composed. Concerning editorial notes on age of texts, etc. Concerning the three kinds of law in ancient Ireland. The rediscovery of ancient Irish law in recent times. Concerning the modern reader's difficulties in the study of the ancient Irish law tracts. 
590 0 |a 2nd ed. 
650 0 |a Law, Irish. 
650 0 |a Law  |z Ireland  |x History and criticism. 
630 0 0 |a Senchus mor. 
650 0 |a Irish language  |v Glossaries, vocabularies, etc. 
710 1 |a Ireland.  |b Commissioners for Publishing the Ancient Laws and Institutes of Ireland.  |b Ancient laws of Ireland. 
740 0 0 |a Ancient laws of Ireland. 
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