Table of Contents:
  • Part 1: Long Looks from Different Angles. Rockin' and Rollin' with the Great Jamesetta / David M. Jones ; Stacking the Wax: The Structure of Laura Nyro's Studio Albums / Patricia Spence Rudden ; Looking for You: Patti Smith, God, and Rock and Roll / Deborah Kennedy ; There is a Way Through Constant Sorrow: Ferron and Eastern Thought / Susan Booker Morris
  • Part 2: Groups and Identity. The Spaces Between: Transforming Heteronormativity with the Indigo Girls / Kathleen Torrens ; Beyond Bootylicious: Race, (Post)Feminism and Sexual Subjectification with Destiny's Child / Samantha Thrift ; Taking the Long Way Home: Poetry, Politics, and the Dixie Chicks / Kimberly P. Morris
  • Part 3: Videos and Covers. All is Full of Pleasure: Bjork's Music Videos as Feminist Texts / Helen Louise Davis ; Under the Covers with Melissa Etheridge / Ellen Lansky
  • Part 4: Punk and the Grrrls. Grrrls With Gibsons: Deterritorializing the Rock Milieu / Chloe H. Johnson ; "It Was Something ... ": Kathleen Hanna, Sadie Benning, and the Limits of Grrrl-hood / Michael Dwyer ; "The The Empty": Live Feminist Pleasure / Hillary Chute
  • Part 5: Annotated Bibliography. Playing with a Different Sex: Academic Writing on Women in Rock and Pop / Monica Berger.