The Aztec Calendar Stone / edited by Khristaan D. Villela and Mary Ellen Miller ; introduction by Khristaan D. Villela, Matthew H. Robb, and Mary Ellen Miller.

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Other Authors: Villela, Khristaan., Miller, Mary Ellen.
Format: Book
Published: Los Angeles, CA : Getty Research Institute, c2010.
Table of Contents:
  • Introduction / Khristaan D. Villela, Matthew H. Robb, and Mary Ellen Miller
  • History of the Indies of New Spain (1581) / Fray Diego Durán
  • Curious diary and notebook of the memorable events in Mexico during the government of Revillagigedo (1789-94) / José Gómez
  • A historical and chronological description of two stones, which were found in 1790 in the principal square of Mexico during the current paving project (1792) / Antonio de León y Gama
  • Researches concerning the institutions and monuments of the ancient inhabitants of America, with descriptions and views of some of the most striking scenes in the Cordilleras! (1810) / Alexander von Humboldt
  • The Aztec Calendar Stone (1876) / Alfredo Chavero
  • Catalog of the historical and archaeological collections of the Museo Nacional de México (1882) / Gumesindo Mendoza and Jesús Sánchez
  • Collected works in Mesoamerican linguistics and archaeology (1888, 1899, 1901, 1915) / Eduard Seler
  • The so-called Calendario Azteca : description and interpretation of the Cuauhxicalli of the House of the Eagles (1921) / Hermann Beyer
  • The Stone of the Sun and the first chapter of the history of Mexico (1921) / Enrique Juan Palacios
  • How was the stone called the Aztec Calendar Stone painted? (1942) / Roberto Sieck Flandes
  • The central face of the Stone of the Sun : a hypothesis (1974) / Carlos Navarrete and Doris Heyden
  • The dark and light sides of the Aztec Stone Calendar and their symbolical significance (1976) / Andrzej Wierciński
  • The identity of the central deity on the Aztec Calendar Stone (1976) / Cecelia Klein
  • State and cosmos in the art of Tenochtitlan (1979) / Richard F. Townsend
  • The Aztec Calendar Stone : a critical history (1981) / Stacie Graham Widdifield
  • A reconsideration of some hieroglyphs on the Mexica Calendar Stone (1988) / Emily Umberger
  • The Stone of the Sun (1992) / Michel Graulich
  • The problem of the identification of the central image of the Aztec Calendar Stone (1993) / H.B. Nicholson
  • New insights on the interpretation of the Aztec Calendar Stone (with notes on skeletonization) (1993) / Ariane Fradcourt
  • The Stone of the Sun (2000) / Felipe Solís
  • The Aztec Calendar and other solar monuments (2004) / Eduardo Matos Moctezuma.