The Palestinian territories / Margaret Haerens, book editor.

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Format: Book
Published: Detroit : Greenhaven Press, 2014.
Series:Opposing viewpoints series (Unnumbered)
Table of Contents:
  • Chapter 1 : What is the best solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict? The two-state solution should be implemented / The Economist ; A one-state solution should be implemented / Ghada Karmi ; Two-state condominialism should be considered as a viable solution / Anne-Marie Slaughter ; Rethinking Israel-Palestine : beyond bantustans, beyond reservations / Noura Erakat ; A Palestinian state should be based on pre-1967 borders / Barack Obama ; Return Israel to pre-1967 borders? How about returning the US to 1844 (or 1802 or 1861) borders? / George Berkin
  • Chapter 2 : Should the United Nations grant Palestinian statehood? No to the Palestinian "state" / National Review ; Statehood exposes Israel's contradictory Palestinian policy / J.J. Goldberg ; Palestinian statehood is counterproductive and blocks peace efforts / Hillary Clinton ; Palestinian statehood is just and affirms the legitimacy of Palestine / Pierre Tristam
  • Chapter 3 : How can circumstances in the Palestinian Territories be improved? The Palestinian Authority should be dissolved / Steven A. Cook ; The Palestinian Authority should not be dissolved / Dawoud Abu Lebdeh ; The Palestinian Authority should recognize Israel as a Jewish state / Jeff Jacoby ; The Hamas-Fatah reconciliation is crucial to the Middle East peace process / James Zogby ; The Hamas-Fatah reconciliation : threatening peace prospects / Michael Robin ; Palestinian attempts at institution building do not solve the region's problems / Nathan J. Brown
  • Chapter 4 : How should the United States treat the Palestinian Territories? The United States should recognize Palestinian statehood / Zvi Bar'el ; The United States should not recognize Palestinian statehood / John R. Bolton ; The United States should rethink aid to the Palestinian Authority / James Phillips ; The United States should make a concerted effort to root out corruption in the Palestinian Authority / Elliot Abrams ; The United States should take a more proactive and aggressive role in Palestinian-Israeli peace talks / Alon Ben-Meir ; The United States should be doing more to stop Israel's crimes against the Palestinian people / Sarah Marusek.