The Oxford handbook of gender and politics / edited by Georgina Waylen [and others].

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Other Authors: Waylen, Georgina
Format: Book
Published: Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, ©2013.
Table of Contents:
  • Gender and Politics: A Gendered World and Gendered Discipline / Georgina Waylen, Karen Celis, Johanna Kantola, and Laurel Weldon.
  • Part I: Gender and Politics: Concepts and Methods. Section Introduction ; Sex, sexuality and gender / Mary Hawkesworth ; Intersectionality / Patricia Hill Collins and Valerie Chepp ; Feminisms / Rita Dhamoon ; Politics, power, domination and oppression / Moya Lloyd ; Methods and Methodologies / Brooke Ackerly and Jacqui True.
  • Part II: Body Politics. Section Introduction ; The Body and Politics / Diana Coole ; Heteronormativity and Sexuality / Amy Lind ; Reproductive Rights / Veronique Mottier ; Gender Violence / R. Amy Elman.
  • Part III: Gendered Political Economy: Production and Reproduction. Section Introduction ; Gender and (International) Political Economy / Shirin M. Rai ; Households, Families and Social Reproduction / Shahra Razavi ; Gender, Care and Welfare / Diane Sainsbury ; Gender, Work and the Sexual Division of Labor / Lucy Ferguson.
  • Part IV: Civil Society. Section Introduction ; Sex, Gender and Civil Society / Dara Z. Strolovitch, Erica Townsend-Bell ; Organizing Around Gender Identities / Kelsy Kretschmer, David S. Meyer ; The Comparative Study of Women's Movements / Karen Beckwith ; Feminist Organizing: What's Old, What's New? History, Trend and Issues / Christina Ewig and Myra Marx Ferree Chapter 18: Local-Global- Local: Women's global organizing Jutta Joachim Part V: Participation and Representation Section Introduction Chapter 19: Political Representation Sarah Childs and Joni Lovenduski Chapter 20: Political ; Systems and Gender / Aili Mari Tripp ; Party Politics / Miki Caul Kittilson ; Electoral Institutions / Mona Lena Krook and Leslie Schwindt-Bayer ; Judicial Politics and the Courts / Rachel Chicowski.
  • Part VI: The State, Governance, and Policymaking. Section Introduction ; The State and Governance / Louise Chappell ; Gender, Institutions and Multilevel Governance / Kate Bedford ; Women's Policy Agencies and State Feminism / Dorothy E. McBride and Amy G. Mazur ; Policy making / Emanuela Lombardo, Petra Meier and Mieke Verloo ; Policy Outputs / Merike Blofield and Liesl Haas.
  • Part VII: Nation, Citizenship and Identity. Section Introduction ; Equality and Universalism / Judith Squires ; Citizenship / Birte Siim ; Multiculturalism and Identity / Baukje Prins and Sawitri Saharso ; Gender, Nations and Nationalism / Suruchi Thapar-Bjorkert ; Security, Violence and War / Lene Hansen.