The Routledge history of the Holocaust / edited by Jonathan C. Friedman.

"The genocide of Jewish and non-Jewish civilians perpetrated by the German regime during World War II continues to confront scholars with elusive questions even after nearly seventy years and hundreds of studies. This multi-contributory work is a landmark publication that sees experts renowned...

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Other Authors: Friedman, Jonathan C., 1966-
Format: Book
Published: London ; New York : Routledge, 2012.
Series:Routledge histories.
Table of Contents:
  • Introduction / Jonathan C. Friedman
  • PART I. The Nazi Takeover and Persecution in Hitler's Reich to 1939. 1. The Jewish communities of Europe on the eve of World War II / Jonathan C. Friedman
  • 2. European antisemitism before the Holocaust and the roots of Nazism / William Brustein
  • 3. Germany and the Armenian genocide of 1915-17 / Hans-Lukas Kieser
  • 4. Eugenics, race hygiene, and the Holocaust: Antecedents and consolidations / Kirk C. Allison
  • 5. Weimar Germany and the dilemmas of liberty / Eric D. Weitz
  • 6. Hitler and the functioning of the Third Reich / Dieter Kuntz
  • 7. The Thousand Year Reich's over one thousand anti-Jewish laws / Michael J. Bayzler
  • 8. Persecution and gender: German-Jewish responses to Nazism, 1933-39 / Marion Kaplan
  • 9. The fate of the Jews in Austria, 1933-39 / Lee H. Igel.
  • PART II. Germany's Racial War in Poland and the Soviet Union, 1939-41. 10. Victim and perpetrator perspectives of World War II-era ghettos / Helene Sinnreich
  • 11. Forging the "Aryan Utopia": Nazi racial policy in occupied Poland, 1939-45 / Bradley Nichols
  • 12. The Nazi "euthanasia" program / Patricia Heberer
  • 13. The Einsatzgruppen and the issue of "ordinary men" / Guillaume De Syon
  • 14. The origins of the Final Solution / Christopher Browning
  • 15. Forced labor in Nazi anti-Jewish policy, 1938-45 / Wolf Gruner
  • 16. The concentration and extermination camps of the Nazi regime / Sybille Steinbacher
  • 17. Paradise/Hades, Purgatory, Hell/Gehenna: A political typology of the camps / Robert Jan Van Pelt.
  • PART III. The Final Solution in Europe. 18. Levels of accounting in Accounting for Genocide: A cross-national study of Jewish victimization during the Holocaust / Helen Fein
  • 19. Reichskommissariat Ostland / David Gaunt
  • 20. The Holocaust in western Europe / Wolfgang Seibel
  • 21. Norway's role in the Holocaust: The destruction of Norway's Jews / Bjarte Bruland
  • 22. The special characteristics of the Holocaust in Hungary, 1938-45 / Kinga Afrojimovics
  • 23. The Final Solution in southeastern Europe: Between Nazi catalysts and local motivations / James Frusetta
  • 24. Transnistria: The Holocaust in Romania / Ronit Fischer
  • 25. Nation-building and mass violence: The Independent State of Croatia, 1941-45 / Alexander Korb.
  • PART IV. The Responses from Victims, Bystanders, and Rescuers. 26. Sweden's complicated neutrality and the rescue of Danish Jewry / Paul A. Levine
  • 27. The Rescuers: When the ordinary is extraordinary / Michael Berenbaum
  • 28. Jewish resistance against Nazism / John M. Cox
  • 29. "But I forsook not Thy precepts" (Ps. 119:87): Spiritual resistance to the Holocaust / Stephen Howard Garrin
  • 30. The church, theology, and the Holocaust / Franklin Hamlin Littell and Marcia Sachs Littell
  • 31. Model denomination or totalitarian sect? Jehovah's Witnesses in Nazi Germany / James Irvin Lichti
  • 32. The neglected memory of the Romanies in the Holocaust/Porrajmos / Ian Hancock
  • 33. The persecution of gay men and lesbians during the Third Reich / Geoffrey J. Giles
  • 34. Double jeopardy: Being Jewish and female in the Holocaust / Myrna Goldenberg
  • 35. The Jewish DP experience / Boaz Cohen.
  • PART V. The Holocaust in Law, Culture, and Memory. 36. Putting the Holocaust on trial in the two Germanies, 1945-89 / Devin Pendas
  • 37. Music in the Nazi ghettos and camps / Shirli Gilbert
  • 38. Holocaust documentaries / Lynne Fallwell, Robert G. Weiner
  • 39. Sequential art narrative and the Holocaust / Robert G. Weiner, Lynne Fallwell
  • 40. The role of the survivors in the remembrance of the Holocaust: Memorial monuments and Yizkor books / Rita Horvath
  • 41. "The war began for me after the war": Jewish children in Poland, 1945-49 / Joanna B. Michlic
  • 42. Toward a post-Holocaust theology in art: The search for the absent and present God / Stephen C. Feinstein
  • Conclusion / Saul S. Friedman.