Acoustical Imaging by Lawrence W. Kessler.

This book contains the technical papers presented at the 16th International Symposium on Acoustical Imaging which was held in Chicago, Illinois USA from June 10-12, 1987. This meeting has long been a leading forum for acoustic imaging scientists and engineers to meet and exchange ideas from a wide r...

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Main Author: Kessler, Lawrence W. (Author,
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Published: New York, NY : Springer US : Imprint: Springer, 1988.
Edition:1st ed. 1988.
Series:Acoustical Imaging, 16
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Table of Contents:
  • Imaging Techniques I
  • Reflex Transmission Imaging
  • Imaging by Source Cancellation
  • Sparsely-Sampled Phase-Insensitive Two-Dimensional Arrays: Spatial Interpolation and Signal-Dependent Aperture
  • Unbiased Calibration of Annular Array Probes
  • The Borehole Televiewer Digital Image Analysis and Processing
  • Optimum Focusing in the Ultrasonic Annular Array Imaging System
  • Quasi-Real Time Imaging of Pulsed Acoustic Fields
  • Analysis of Oblique Angle Scanning in the Imaging of Multilayered Targets
  • NDE and Materials Characterization
  • Removing the Effects of Surface Roughness From Low-Frequency Acoustic Images
  • Performance Evaluation of Spatial and Time Averaging of Ultrasonic Grain Signal
  • High-Speed Autoraated NDT Device for Niobium Plate Using Scanning Laser Acoustic Microscopy
  • Evaluation of Plastic Packages for Integrated Circuits Using Scanning Laser Acoustic Microscopy (SLAM)
  • Image Analysis as an Aid to Quantitative Interpretation of Acoustic Images of Die Attach
  • Characterization of Defects in Mn-Zn Ferrites by Scanning Laser Acoustic Microscopy (SLAM)
  • Interaction Between Void Parameters and the Outputs of the Scanning Laser Acoustic Microscope
  • Medical Imaging
  • Time-Of-Flight Approximation for Medical Ultrasonic Imaging
  • Multiplane Deconvolution in Orthographic Ultrasonic Transmission Imaging
  • Real-Time Enhancement of Medical Ultrasound Images
  • A Surgical Ultrasound System Using an Embedded Personal Computer
  • In-Vivo and In-Vitro Measurements of Turbulent Blood Flow Characteristics Using a Multi-Dimensional Ultrasonic Probe
  • Ultrasound Two-Dimensional Flow Mapping Using Fast Spectral Analysis
  • Acoustic Holography and Tomography
  • Performance Evaluation of Phase-Only Technique for High-Resolution Holographic Imaging
  • Diffraction Tomography Algorithms Using the Total Scattered Field
  • Efficient Sampling for Nearfield Acoustic Holography
  • Velocity-Based Nearfield Acoustic Holography
  • An Examination of Aperture Effects in Cylindrical Nearfield Holography
  • Tissue Characterization
  • Scanning Acoustic Microscope for Quantitative Characterization of Biological Tissues
  • Estimation of Acoustic Attenuation Coefficient by Using Maximum Entropy Method
  • Characterizing Abnormal Human Liver by Its In-Vivo Acoustic Properties
  • Non-Linear Parameter Imaging With Refinement Techniques
  • Sono-Elasticity: Medical Elasticity Images Derived From Ultrasound Signals in Mechanically Vibrated Targets
  • Tissue Characterization by Spectral Analysis of Ultrasound Video Images
  • Inverse Scattering
  • Numeric Evaluation of Backward Wave Propagation Image Reconstruction
  • Acoustic Inverse Scattering Images From Simulated Higher Contrast Objects and From Laboratory Test Objects
  • Acoustical Imaging Beyond Born and Rytov
  • Surface Imaging Via Wave Equation Inversion
  • Accuracy in Phase Tomographic Reconstruction
  • A Suboptimal Tomography Reconstruction Technique
  • A Fast Reconstruction Algorithm for Diffraction Tomography
  • A Computational Study of Reconstruction Algorithms for Synthetic Aperture Diffraction Tomography: Interpolation Versus Interpolation-Free
  • Imaging Techniques II
  • The Random Phase Transducer: A New Tool for Scattering Medium
  • Calibration of Ultrasonic Transducers by Time Deconvolution of the Diffraction Effects
  • Determination of the Impulse Diffraction of an Obstacle by Ray Modeling
  • Thermal Wave Imaging in Anisotropic Media
  • Characterization of Heterogeneous Materials Using Transmission Photoacoustic Microscopy
  • Acoustic Microscopy
  • New Techniques in Differential Phase Contrast Scanning Acoustic Microscopy
  • A 100 MHz PVDF Ultrasound Microscope With Biological Applications
  • Ferroelectric Polymer Transducers for High Resolution Scanning Acoustic Microscopy
  • Multimedia Holographic Image Reconstruction in a Scanning Laser Acoustic Microscope
  • Data Acquisition for Scanning Tomographic Acoustic Microscopy
  • Metrology Potential of Scanning Laser Acoustic Microscopes Using Surface Acoustic Waves
  • Another Angle on Acoustic Microscopy (Oblique)
  • Seismic, Underwater and Source Location
  • Surface Shapes Giving Transverse Cusp Catastrophes in Acoustic or Seismic Echoes
  • Acoustic Imagery of the Sea-Bed
  • Partial Discrete Vector Space Model for High-Resolution Beamforming
  • Acoustical Recognition of Objects in Robotics II. Determination of Type, Pose, Position, and Orientation
  • Applications of Generalized Radon Transform to Inversion Problem of Geophysics
  • Mini-Sparker as a Source in Seismic Models
  • Spatial Filtering in Seismic Shallow Prospecting
  • Participants
  • Author Index.